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Asia NFT & DeFi Conference and Investment Roadshow 2021

SEPTEMBER 9 - 2021

2020-2021 unlocked the true potential of NFTs and DeFi. With the continuous improvement of landing practice, the adoption rate of DeFi will be higher and higher,the total amount of DeFi locked in 2021 expecting to exceed 100 billion US dollars.

Similarly, NFTs fever is spreading globally, especially in art, metaverse, games, and IP copyrights. Asia-Pacific investors' interest in cryptographic art is rising. Simultaneously, a new generation of creators proficient in digital technology is emerging and pushing this emerging category in new directions. The era of DeFi +NFTs has arrived, and new markets are beginning to gain momentum.

In this context, the Asia NFTs & DeFi Conference aiming to build a platform for NFTs & DeFi innovation and business exchanges connecting the Asia-Pacific and global markets. The conference gathers the world's most authoritative leaders of NFTs & DeFi, the most far-sighted international investors, the most potential emerging startups, and the most disruptive creators to jointly release the latest technology and strategic cooperation plans, explore the cooperation opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, and discuss the latest trends and future of DeFi & NFTs.

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