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Brightly.Eco Podcast

We're thrilled to feature Brightly as a newcomer in the startup scene and was just recently welcomed into the Snap Inc accelerator Yellow - that's core mission is empowering future of mobile content, storytelling and creators who will push the artistic boundaries of what's possible with mobile content

Brightly completely fits the bill of all these components. Brightly's goal is to empower conscious consumers around the world. They recognize that small, daily actions add up to a huge impact on the world around us. This Oakland California based startup is founded by Laura Wittig and Liza Moiseeva

Listen to our exclusive ParlayMe Power Players Podcast with the Co-Founders of Brightly


Laura co-founded Brightly after leading social impact search initiatives for Google, scaling’s Fashion business, igniting Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community, creating products for Adobe and more, Laura was driven to create Brightly to catalyze change. She is a technical and design-focused leader with experience managing teams of all sizes and disciplines, from engineers to marketers. Along with Liza, Laura co-hosts the Good Together Podcast, an arm of the platform.

Liza’s personal passion for helping ethical businesses grow led her to found Scaling Good, an online community and consulting service for entrepreneurs looking to get an edge on their marketing and sales. Liza is also a co-host of the Good Together podcast, a resource for everyone looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The podcast was featured by Apple as their number #1 pick for conscious consumers and ended at the top 150 podcasts in the US after just ten episodes. Previously, Liza was a CMO at GlobeIn, the leading social enterprise subscription box company, which she helped scale from $0 to $12mln.

Their bi-weekly podcast on brightly is hosted by both co-founders Laura and Liza, designed to inspire and uplift you.

At the core of Brightly Eco is community and there are many ways you can get involved from their ambassador scouts program to providing tips on how to live a zero impact and sustainable lifestyle from fashion, lifestyle and wellness decisions.


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