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Calling all EdTech Startups - Supercharger Ventures Cohort 7.0 is OPEN!

🚀 Calling all visionary founders shaping the future of learning and work! Applications for SuperCharger Ventures Cohort 7.0 are officially open!

As the largest EdTech-only accelerator globally, SuperCharger Ventures is on a mission to back bold founders who are shaping the future of learning and work. With a track record of success and a commitment to empowering startups, SuperCharger Ventures presents an exciting opportunity for high-potential EdTech startups to grow and thrive.

Let's dive into the program details and discover how you can be a part of this supercharged journey.

Cohort 7.0 Accelerator offers a 10-week remote program designed to provide personalised support and guidance to founders with a wide range of benefits and opportunities, including:

"The Deal: SCV Accelerator Programme + $50k upfront investment for 6% equity".

  • Bespoke Services: Receive exclusive support tailored to your startup's specific needs, working closely with the SuperCharger Ventures team to access guidance and resources necessary for success.

  • Up-front Investment: SuperCharger Ventures would be acting as your first institutional ticket. In addition to receiving upfront investment, you will be also eligible for $250k in follow-on funding from SuperCharger Ventures, as well gain access to the accelerator's wide network of investors as well

  • Ecosystem, Network, and Mentorship: Connect with a vibrant ecosystem that includes industry mentors, partners, and a network of alumni. Engage with more than 50 experienced mentors and industry experts who can open doors, offer valuable insights, and provide guidance as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Skill Building: Gain access to live workshops, 100+ on-demand modules, and startup education content to enhance professional development and stay ahead of industry trends.

  • Perks and Resources: Enjoy exclusive perks, resources, and facilities to support your startup's development, equipping you with the necessary tools for success.

By joining Cohort 7.0, you'll have access to these valuable resources and opportunities that will accelerate the growth of your EdTech startup.

SuperCharger Ventures has a proven track record of success, with our previous cohorts achieving remarkable milestones. Our alumni represent over $200 million of aggregated portfolio valuation and have become industry leaders in the EdTech space.

Join Cohort 7.0, and you'll be joining a community of innovative trailblazers, ready to make a lasting impact.

If you are a high-potential EdTech startup looking to make an impact, SuperCharger Ventures' Cohort 7.0 is the perfect opportunity to accelerate your growth. With a proven program, personalised support, and a global network, SuperCharger Ventures is committed to helping you build the future of learning and work.

Fill out the application form today and take the first step towards an exciting journey with SuperCharger Ventures.

Are You Eligible?

  • Your startup operates in the future of learning and work space.

  • You have a positive commercial track record, with existing users and the potential for revenue generation.

  • Your Pre-Seed to Seed fundraising targets are clearly defined and expected to be closed within the next 6 to 9 months.

  • Global expansion is part of your ambitious vision.

  • You have a strong founding team with clear visions and outstanding execution skills.

Following the immense success of Cohort 6, with over 350 outstanding applications, I can't wait to witness the groundbreaking innovations that will emerge from Cohort 7.0.

By applying to Cohort 7.0, you'll gain access to an array of incredible benefits:

💰 Upfront investment: We believe in your potential, which is why we provide $50k in upfront investment, acting as your first institutional ticket to fuel your growth and success.

🌐 Thriving ecosystem: Join a vibrant community of like-minded founders, industry mentors, partners, and our extensive network of 89 alumni. Collaboration and knowledge sharing await you!

🤝 Tailored support: Our bespoke services are designed to meet the unique needs of your startup. You'll receive personalized guidance, resources, and expertise from our experienced team.

💻 Exclusive opportunities: Unlock access to live workshops, 100+ on-demand modules, and startup education content that will enhance your skills and empower your professional development.

Together, let's create a global impact in the #EdTech space.

Don't miss this chance to accelerate your journey and shape the future. Applications close on June 30th (11:59pm BST)


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