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VoiceHER, the first audio based community for Women !

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Women from all walks of life recognised themselves in the horrific news that emerged in the past month. Again it was proven that we are far from living in an equal and safe world.

When the world around us isn't equal, inclusive, diversified and supportive, we have to create that for ourselves. That is the reason why Viktoria Elman and Sanna Dahlin created VoiceHER. The worlds first voice based community for women and non-binary. The startup was founded in late 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Antler Incubator.

The mission of VoiceHER is to build a supportive and inclusive community, where women get the freedom to empower themselves in a safe environment. Where you can find relatable role models, someone to talk to about anything, whatever crossroad you are at, VoiceHER is there for you.

“In our own experiences, working in male dominated fields, we were lacking female mentors and relatable role models. A place where we could support and inspire each other, in a thriving and empowering environment”

- Viktoria Elman, CEO & Cofounder

Using similar voice technology as Clubhouse, VoiceHER offers a safe place for women to share their own stories, find support and develop connections. The importance for women to be able to freely and openly talk about topics that matter to them is huge and with the community forming in the app, VoiceHER is disrupting the status quo.

They have weekly scheduled events with industry leaders and VoiceHER ambassadors holding space for open and vulnerable conversations as well as spontaneous rooms all users can open to talk about anything. It is a great place to use as a co-working space, for your walk and talk company or for that morning coffee conversation you never knew you were missing.

website: LinkedIn: Founders Sanna Dahlin: ​ Victoria Elman: ​


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