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Cognovi Labs Coronavirus Panic Index

We chat to Ben-Ami ‘Beni’ Gradwohl CoFounder and CEO of Cognovi Labs the predictive analytics and AI company that has created a Coronavirus Panic Index to track consumer sentiments and trends about Coronavirus

Listen to our Podcast with Cognovi Labs here

In our Podcast we discuss their Cronavirus Panic Index that uses data-driven psychology to measure the public's emotions and resulting economic impact

Check out the Coronavirus Panic Index here

Cognovi Labs is globally recognized for its success in predictive analytics using topic-specific emotion and intent algorithms. The foundation of Cognovi Labs’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) is deeply rooted in a keen understanding of behavioral science, the nuances of expressive language and the AI programming for a sophisticated, predictive analytics model.

​Cognovi Labs’ core technology was developed at the Kno.e.sis Center at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, with millions of dollars in Federal grants. The Kno.e.sis Center is led by Dr. Amit Sheth, Co-Founder and Technical Advisor to Cognovi Labs. The Center, with its 13 labs and 100 multi-disciplinary researchers, is ranked among the top ten global research centers in semantic processing and AI. Cognovi Labs owns an exclusive and perpetual commercial license to the technology and the rights to continuously leverage the Kno.e.sis Center’s R&D.


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