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Creating Decent Jobs In Africa -- An Event By Proudly Made In Africa & UCD

Join Proudly Made In Africa, UCD, & What The Hack for a 2 days to find solutions to help young Africans find better jobs & lead better lives

Date And Time

Thu, Nov 19, 2020, 1:00 PM – Fri, Nov 20, 2020, 8:00 PM CET

About this Event

Creating Decent Jobs In Africa tasks teams with researching the barriers that are keeping young, educated Africans in low paying, unstructured jobs and proposing solutions to capture the value of this, one of Africa's most valuable resources.

Currently, Africa's young population is the best educated and most skilled the continent has ever had. But these educated workers are entering a job market with few opportunities for skilled labor. Without suitable and structured jobs to absorb these new, skilled, and educated workers, Africa's youth workforce -- numbering 10-12 million individuals per year -- goes to waste.

Despite their education, many young Africans remain dependent on jobs that do not bring in enough reliable income to lead a good life.


Who are Proudly Made In Africa?

Proudly Made In Africa is a social enterprise promoting Africa's finest food and fashion producers globally. PMIA sources retail ready African products, connects international trade partners, and promotes sustainable trading of African goods all while educating the market on the importance of value added trade in poverty reduction. Their vision is to create an international market place in which high quality, value added goods from Africa are traded ethically and sustainably across the globe with fair access to the market for all.

Who Are What The Hack? What The Hack is an ideation event company focussed on bringing the startup creative process to a wide range of problems. WTH creates tailored events to address issues around sustainability, development, and corporate and social responsibility. They work to demonstrate that doing good and making a profit are not mutually exclusive goals.


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