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Cutting Through the Noise

We're excited for our founder January Barnes to speak on this special panel discussion today 26th Feb @ 9am PST on clubhouse

From consuming to engaging with content (and each other), #audio is reinventing social media. On top of that, content creation has never been so prolific – and capturing an audience's attention has become ever harder. How can one stand out in #venturecapital and as a #startup in the sea of content?

Find out this Friday 26 February at 6pm CET (5pm GMT) in a talk on cutting through the noise with Bettine, Anna, Elisheva and January. Tips from the #VC scene ( Earlybird Venture Capital, Auxxo Beteiligungen GmbH on building a personal/VC brand); and the media (Startups Magazine, ParlayMe) on getting a message to be heard.

Closing guest Tyler Dean ( will share insights from the US on content creation as an investor and the overlap with community building.

Part of the ‘Ecosystem’ project, aiming to tackle the issue of closed networks in venture and address the barriers to entry for industry ‘outsiders’.


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