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Cutting Through the Noise

We're excited for our founder January Barnes to speak on this special panel discussion today 26th Feb @ 9am PST on clubhouse

From consuming to engaging with content (and each other), #audio is reinventing social media. On top of that, content creation has never been so prolific – and capturing an audience's attention has become ever harder. How can one stand out in #venturecapital and as a #startup in the sea of content?

Find out this Friday 26 February at 6pm CET (5pm GMT) in a talk on cutting through the noise with Bettine, Anna, Elisheva and January. Tips from the #VC scene ( Earlybird Venture Capital, Auxxo Beteiligungen GmbH on building a personal/VC brand); and the media (Startups Magazine, ParlayMe) on getting a message to be heard.

Closing guest Tyler Dean ( will share insights from the US on content creation as an investor and the overlap with community building.

Join here:

Part of the ‘Ecosystem’ project, aiming to tackle the issue of closed networks in venture and address the barriers to entry for industry ‘outsiders’.

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