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Draper Goren Holm-funded NFTY Markets Launches SpiritPunks and Doge Vodka

Bridging the gap between physical products and Web3 while enabling new lifetime value creation, the release of Doge Vodka by SpiritPunks aims to raise roughly $40,000 for the ASPCA.

LOS ANGELES, September 1, 2022 – SpiritPunks, the flagship project from luxury consumer packaged goods (CPG) innovators NFTY Markets, today announced the launch of the Doge Vodka Founders’ Release and the SpiritPunks RocketPass NFT. Consisting of 2,013 NFTs and physical bottles, the Doge Vodka Founders’ Release is a first of its kind spirit offering enabled by blockchain technology and now available to those who mint a SpiritPunks RocketPass.

Primarily a luxury goods and technology-focused innovation company, NFTY Markets sees SpiritPunks as the first step in building community-centric NFT technology into the consumer experience. SpiritPunks is creating premium products inspired and driven by Web3 communities, bringing together spirits enthusiasts through an exclusive rollout of SpiritPunks NFTs and providing community holders access to a luxury marketplace of cause-directed and world-class products.

“We pride ourselves on supporting innovators in the blockchain and Web3 space,” said Draper Goren Holm founding partner Alon Goren. “We are particularly excited about the SpiritPunks offering because of their work to bridge physical products and Web3, while simultaneously creating value for nonprofit partners.”

Through partnerships with major non-profits like the ASPCA®, SpiritPunks is ushering in a new era of cause-directed consumer products. Every sale of a SpiritPunks RocketPass NFT and bottle of Doge Vodka directly supports the ASPCA’s mission to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Through the Doge Vodka Founders Release, SpiritPunks is committed to raise roughly $40,000 for the organization's cause, and through this partnership, SpiritPunks looks to showcase Doge’s ethos to “Do Only Good Everyday.”

“By platforming cause-directed premium physical products, partnered with nonprofits from inception, we intend to change the direction of consumption entirely,” said Jonathan Dorfman, CEO and Co-founder of NFTY Markets. “This isn’t virtue signaling for a brand, these are brands built for virtue, built for intention, with new tools (NFT royalties and dynamic CRM tools) that enable new possibilities of lifetime value creation.”

SpiritPunks is spearheading this concept and actively iterating on the technology that will power these kinds of interactions. The luxury physical products that will be available on the SpiritPunks marketplace will each feature unique on-chain connections designed to create direct benefit for specific nonprofit partners. A significant portion of each initial sale on the platform goes to a partnered nonprofit, as well as, the majority of all secondary art sale royalties in perpetuity.

The physical spirits products are produced by SpiritPunks’ collaborator and sister company Satellite Spirits, which produces a 97 point flagship vodka, and recently won USA Today’s Best Craft Vodka Distillery 2021.

To mint a SpiritPunks RocketPass NFT, purchase a bottle of Doge Vodka, and to learn more:


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