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Ecosystem Giants - Atin Batra

ParlayMe is proud to support '#EcosystemGiants' , the series featuring the leaders redefining the tech investment and entrepreneurship landscape. A VC perspective from Asia - Atin Batra (Founder and GP, Twenty Seven Ventures) will join @Tzvete in a conversation about the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, raising a venture capital fund in Asia and EdTech/ Future of work investment trends at pre-seed.Tune in on Tuesday, 2 March at 11am GMT (12pm CET)!

The 'Ecosystem Giants' Talks highlight the ecosystem members who redefine the tech investment and startup landscape. They are sessions of practical, actionable advice to entrepreneurs and operators. The ‘Ecosystem Giants' Talks speakers will share their ‘secrets’ to success, offer insights and commentary on the market. Join for an opportunity to meet and get to know (albeit virtually) some of the most seasoned VC investors and founders.

Timings 11:00 GMT Start; in conversation with Atin Batra 11:30 Market commentary and Q&A 11:40 Pitching for feedback *A founder will give a 3' pitch for the chance to get direct feedback from Atin 11:50 End About Atin is the Founder & General Partner at Twenty Seven Ventures, a global VC Fund that invests in EdTech and Future of Work Startups. Investing at the earliest stages (Pre-Seed/Seed), Atin looks for outstanding Founders who are building big businesses - and are nice people leaving a net positive impact on our world. In his quest for opportunities to work with and help smart founders , Atin founded this VC firm. A lifelong entrepreneur, he leverages his varied experiences , vast network, passion for entrepreneurship and an overpowering thirst for learning to support founders as an investor . Most recently , he was the Principal at a global VC investing in deep tech and connected hardware startups , and worked on every single one of the firm’s 17 portfolio companies. There’s a saying that ‘building a company is a marathon, not a sprint’. Well, Atin runs ultra-marathon trail races and knows exactly what it takes to persevere and befriend dissonance – he’s happy to also share those insights with the portfolio founders.

Tzvete is the founder of 'Ecosystem', a project aiming to democratise access to the VC industry for less networked founders and junior VCs. She is an advisor on startup strategy /positioning and works in TMT Investment Banking. Previously Tzvete led the platform efforts at the London-based VC spin out of multinational real estate investment manager Round Hill Capital. A mentor to female founders (a non-exec trustee at Girls in Charge) and part of Shaper Impact Capital, a community-led volunteer project connecting purpose-driven companies with impact investors. *Spaces are limited.

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