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Empowering AI Innovators: Introducing the Generative Ventures Network - A Global Community

The Generative Ventures Network (GVN), a cutting-edge platform committed to those seeking to monetize chatgpt and generative AI, is set to launch on JULY 11, 2023. This dynamic new initiative is the collaborative effort of co-founders Frank Casale, a globally recognized trail blazer in the automation and AI industry, and Jermaine Anugwom, a Gen AI Pioneer and builder with a passion for emerging technology.

GVN is pioneering a global community specifically designed to empower individuals and businesses eager to leverage the vast commercial potential of chatgpt and generative AI. With the rapid expansion and innovation within the AI industry, GVN positions itself at the vanguard, providing vital resources, knowledge, and support to those committed to transforming their business ideas into thriving, profitable ventures.

“There is no shortage of articles, whitepapers, and social media feeds on this topic, yet no place for builders, entrepreneurs and business executives to go who want to build apps, launch startups, or simply access the latest innovative and game changing tools, apps, expert advisors, and investors.” - Frank Casale.

Co-Founder Jermaine Anugwom remarked “Our mission with GVN is to create a collaborative and resource-rich community that enables entrepreneurial spirit to thrive alongside AI innovation. We aim to blend technology with real-world applications for maximum business and societal impact."

The official launch announcement will be posted on LinkedIn on JULY 11 inviting all interested parties to engage, comment, and reshare the post within their networks. In return, GVN will offer unique visibility opportunities, including a chance to be spotlighted within the network.

For more information about Generative Ventures Network visit our website at

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About Generative Ventures Network

Generative Ventures Network is a global community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startups, and executives monetize chatgpt and generative AI. Co-founded by Frank Casale and Jermaine Anugwom, GVN provides a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and success within the AI industry. The network provides insights, resources, and support for anyone eager to harness the commercial potential of chatgpt and generative AI.


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