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End of an iPod Era: Apple Discontinues the iPod after 21 Years

Apple has announced it is discontinuing its music player, the iPod Touch, bringing to an end a device widely praised for revolutionising how people listen to music.

After introducing the first iPod over 20 years ago, Apple has announced that it's officially discontinuing the product lineup and laying the iPod to rest. While Apple has become famous for a few different gadgets, it's safe to say that the iPod was one of its most impactful.

From the original iPod in 2001, the iconic iPad nano, and the more recent iPod touch, the iPod is one of Apple's most well-known gadgets.

Apple introduced the most recent iPod touch model in 2019.

With internet connection, the latest iPod touch can send iMessages and make Facetime calls.

The iPod touch will still be available for purchase online and at Apple Store locations “while supplies last”.

Many on Twitter mourned the product, which one person noted was the first gadget they ever owned.


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