Filmio - Democratising the Hollywood System

Author: January Barnes

Meet Filmio a Cayman-based start-up that is reshaping a 120-year-old and 120-Billion-dollar movie industry with a platform that aims to democratise the entertainment industry and put the power in the hands of storytellers and fans.

The business of moviemaking is one of the most competitive industries on the planet and with some years a mere 1% of budding directors “make it” onto the international scene.

The wall of exclusivity that holds back many from “making-it” in Hollywood is something that Filmio’s Chris J Davis the Chief Technology Officer/CoFounder and Ian LeWinter Cofounder and President want to break down. They believe it’s time to liberate creators and empower fans. Via their platform they plan to shake up the “Hollywood System” and introduce accountability, transparency and consequently an equitable distribution of profit sharing.

In Hollywood years Filmio is an early adopter of blockchain technology that believes its transparency will provide an even playing field and accessibility for anyone wanting to get a project produced, financed or distributed.

Hollywood is notorious for nurturing the “who you know not what you know philosophy”. The traditional movie-making industry has often been daunting and unjust for those starting out or wanting to enter this inner circle.

Thankfully over the past few years due to advancements in technology the movie-making process has diversified, and international filmmakers are being recognised, Hollywood is no longer the epicentre of all thing’s movie-making and the inner circle is slowly widening.

Blockchain and the power of online communities have arrived. Discover why Filmio offers the world’s most powerful platform for democratising entertainment, utilising AI, machine learning and Blockchain to disrupt the Hollywood system.

We are not the first publication to report on this progressive platform, Entrepreneur magazine has described Filmio as:

“a creative incubator, market validator and distribution launchpad for everyone frustrated with Hollywood’s current model”

It has been described by Forbes magazine as:

“leveraging blockchain to speed up the script-to-screen process. Filmio has built a platform where aspiring creators can upload ideas, garner feedback from fans before production begins, and expose their projects to studios and production companies without the need for personal connections”

But don’t take our or their words for it, hear directly from key stakeholders below that share their first-hand experience about why they believe Filmio will deliver the change filmmakers, talent and audiences have been long awaiting!

Meet a Filmio FAN

Baxter Slaton

1) What attracted you to signing up to the Filmio platform?

Bottom line: I like what they’re doing. The industry system doesn't work in my favor. I’m a willing spectator when it comes to entertainment, but it’s a relationship that has the possibility of being something more. I mean it’s my money the big studios are asking for.

2) What is it you love most about Filmio?

It’s a participatory culture. There’s low barriers to artistic expression and dialog with creators. That’s cool. And there’s strong support for sharing creative ideas with others. It’s an ego-free zone. They make me feel my contribution matters.

3) What does Filmio offer that other film sites, platforms or fan communities don't offer?

That’s a great question. For me, Filmio offers more than a platform — they offer a culture. And culture is what changes things. The culture of Filmio is one of “we may not be the smartest guys in the room, but we believe all of us, fans and creators and investors, working together are.” They make me feel welcome and that my opinions matter. I’m a big believer in the power of a democracy. The era of the big corporation is making way for the era of the democratizers. Filmio offers that to me. A way to be heard.

4) Why is Filmio so important to your love for film and content?

Content is changing the way people think about life. I’m immersed in it every moment I’m awake. Entertainment, both fiction and non-fiction is an essentializing aspect of my life — of everyone’s life. So when I see a company that wants to change the rules around how we talk about how entertainment gets made and what it means to us, I’m in. I never thought I’d be able to talk directly to creators and influence what gets made. Now, I could never go back to being a voiceless voyeur.

5) Would you recommend Filmio to friends and family and if so why?

If they love entertainment, then yes. If they don’t have a favorite movie or director or actors you love to watch, then maybe Filmio wouldn’t bring anything to your life. But if they’re passionate about entertainment, then absolutely.

Meet a Filmio CREATOR

Bryerly Long

1) How long have you been creating content and what have been the challenges you have encountered when getting content produced, financed and distributed?