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Findster is reinventing pet care through technology

Findster Technologies is a pet tech company focused on helping pets live their best life, assuring their safety and well-being. After launching Findster Duo, the first off-grid GPS pet tracker free of monthly fees, the company has recently launched Findster Care, the first AI-powered Vet in the pet tech industry. Care uses each pet’s individual activity data collected from the Duo units to enable early detection of illness. Findster Care is the first pet care model focused on preventative care through 24/7 health monitoring.

Solving pet safety and providing peace of mind

Findster’s journey began, appropriately enough, with a dog. Aquiles, the faithful companion of one of the company’s founders, liked to escape from his yard and chase cats across his neighborhood. After several failed attempts to prevent Aquiles from escaping, a different solution was sought - a device that would accurately show his exact location and send an immediate alert whenever he ran away. However, existing solutions simply were not up to par. They did not offer instant location updates and required the use of a SIM card, and consequently, the payment of costly data fees. A new approach was needed, and thus Findster Duo was born.

Duo is the only GPS pet tracker that lets owners monitor their pet’s location on their smartphone in real time. Findster’s proprietary MAZE technology eliminates the need for a cellular connection - so no SIM card or cell coverage are needed. Thanks to this, the Duo works everywhere, in every country, and completely off-grid. Introduced in 2016 through a Kickstarter campaign, it has since gone on to keep over 40 thousand pets safe, leaving its mark in over 80 countries all around the globe so far.

The next step: protecting pet health with preventive care

The Duo is also an activity tracker, and from its ability to monitor each pet 24/7, Findster is building the first AI-powered Vet in the world. Findster Care is a subscription-based service that leverages Findster’s unique hardware and data platforms to provide coaching, guidance and medical advice to pet owners, directly on their smartphones.

Findster’s AI-powered health platform considers a pet's characteristics (like breed, age or weight) together with the location and activity data collected from the Duo units to produce alerts of behaviour change and enable early detection of potential health issues.

In addition to our proactive AI-powered health insights, Care subscribers also have 24/7 access to a live vet, so there’s always a qualified person available to answer any questions and to share timely, personalized insights.

With this approach based on preventive care, Findster is reinventing how we care for millions of pets around the world.


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