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GambiConf Sept 3 and 10th

GambiConf is a unique tech conference that's gonna blow your mind! 🐒

On the 3rd of September, the event is in person in 42 Lisboa:

Penha de França, at Rua Neves Ferreira nº13, 1170-273

Lisbon, Portugal

On the 10th of September, the event is only online.

Free streaming for both days on YouTube

It features projects and ideas that are definitely outside the box. Let's expand the boundaries of what's possible, unlocking unknown knowledge—just like we did in the 2021 edition when we learned how to build computers using only water and how to run DOOM on an oscilloscope !

This is a multilingual, not limited to a specific technology, conference. We try to focus more on the purpose of the presented projects, the unique nature of the sessions, and what one can learn from a random, very unusual, idea. We want to encourage people to try new ideas and discover new things, for the simple sake of curiosity and exploration.

Based on conferences like !!Con and SIGBOVIK, we organized the first edition of GambiConf last year in Brazil in Portuguese. Now, we want to bring the event to Portugal in English!

You can check our presentation post to find out more about our purpose.



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