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GE Healthcare selects AI-led healthtech startups for Edison Accelerator programme

Author: Abby Wallace

Global medical technology innovator GE Healthcare and innovation organisation Wayra UK have announced five startups for the first Edison Accelerator programme. The startups are applying AI to pressing issues in the healthcare sector.

The selected startups are focusing on applying AI to medical imaging, as well as using operational AI in oncology and to improve general patient experience.

Estimates suggest that over 400,000 European lives could be saved annually through the application of AI in healthcare, freeing up 1.8 billion hours of clinicians’ time to focus on the patient.

Bruno Moraes, country manager at Wayra UK, said: “We are proud to welcome some magnificent scale-ups for our first cohort of the Edison Accelerator in the region. The programme gives our companies unique access to work with leading healthcare corporations to validate their solutions, and then to exploit the business development opportunities that can follow.

“I am certain that the Edison Accelerator will become a major player in the healthtech space in Europe and beyond.”

The startups chosen are developing innovative and scalable solutions to pressing problems in the healthcare sector such as diagnostic accuracy and slow patient pathways. A full list of participating startups can be found below:

Legit Health: Based in Bilbao, Spain, Legit Health is a clinical data and communication tool that uses AI-powered technology to help next-generation dermatologists improve diagnosis and treatment of wounds, and chronic skin lesions.

Spryt: A London-based smart scheduling solution that improves uptake rates for screening services and reduces the appointment no-show problem, a significant issue in diagnostic cancer services.

Radiobotics: Radiobotics are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and work towards automating measurements and detections in x-rays.

Lucida Medical: Cambridge-based Lucida Medical uses ML and radiogenomics to help identify cancer from MRI and clinical data. The healthtech startup aims to make cancer screening accurate, accessible, cost-effective and quick.

Vinehealth: Based in London, Vinehealth combines behavioural science and AI to provide personalised patient support that improves not only the quality of life, but the survival of cancer patients.

Article originally published on our #ContentPartner site Maddyness UK


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