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gmoney (@gmoneynft) has built a global reputation on guiding the technology and creative sectors into the metaverse. Initially known for being an NFT thought leader, he's now recognized as a creator, collaborator, and trusted authority on building foundations for community. gmoney continues to expand his creative thinking and guidance into a new frontier with the launch of 9dcc, ( // @9dccxyz), the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform. In the coming weeks, the label will debut its first product launch - ITERATION-01 - a high-end t-shirt launching amongst Admit One (@admit0001) members. This community has been with gmoney since the beginning and will continue to be recipients of the initial benefits of 9dcc.

"gmoney portrait exclusively created for BoF by Nathaniel Parrott (@Parrott.ism)"

Built for innovators, change-makers, and disruptors, the genesis release of 9dcc embodies a new canvas for the luxury sector where perceived value has been decentralized and true covetability is built through transparency in ownership. The name alone reflects the web3 spirit at the heart of the brand - the cryptic letter and number set represents the last four digits of the ethereum-wallet of the House from which all product expressions of the brand will be born from and connected to. gmoney’s curation of distinctive and tasteful elements for 9dcc collections is coupled with the integration of forward-thinking chip hardware and revolutionary thinking in application. Through 9dcc, gmoney promises an evolved, designer range and one-of-a-kind experiences that connects two universes seamlessly.

While innovative from a tech perspective, under the creative direction of gmoney, the new label will subscribe to the nuanced architecture and heritage-driving ideals of iconic fashion houses: displaying uncompromised choice in materials and craftsmanship, illustrative storytelling, and selective distribution that speaks directly to the luxury market. 9dcc simultaneously reinterprets centuries-old traditions of house codes and offers a fresh take on fashion, meant for a discerning, digital-first consumer, whose views on fashion and design align with gmoney’s own vision of timeless style. The brand promises to constantly innovate and develop past the binary and analog. Dancing between the digital vs physical realms through singular, surprising products and events, 9dcc will evoke an exciting, cohesive, elevated experience re-envisioning the concept of a lifestyle platform to meet different facets of a global consumer’s life.

Collaborating with leading designers, fabric-mills, and elite manufacturers, in partnership with the technology leaders in Web3, each thoughtfully designed piece may carry priceless utility and be infused with meaning across all realms. These partners present unparalleled expertise in the world of decentralized knowledge and perspectives on ownership, displaying a keen understanding of the cultural nuances and desires of one of fashion’s most coveted audiences. In his moment, gmoney is a visionary uniquely qualified to create the first crypto-native maison and bring us into the next generation of fashion e-commerce. ABOUT gmoney Futurist. Disruptor. Ape. Designer. gmoney is a renowned NFT cultural thought leader, educator, and community authority – perhaps best known for sporting his iconic orange beanie, CryptoPunk, as his anonymous presence. He is one of the largest NFT collectors in the world today. gmoney sold Visa and Galaxy Digital the CryptoPunks they purchased for their collections. He was recognized by nftnow’s 2022 ‘NFT100’ and featured on Fortune as one of the 50 most important people in NFTs. gmoney regularly educates people on why the largest corporations in the world – like adidas, Meta, Nike, Visa, or Pepsi – are rushing into crypto, and how blockchain and Metaverse strategy will be critical for future success and monetization. gmoney has become an iconic symbol of success with consciousness in the Web3 arena who has cemented his reputation through multi-faceted business endeavors, investments, partnerships, collaborations, and transparent communication across various social channels. He also prominently uplifts POC, women, and other minorities in the space, positioning himself as a trusted, authentic, and diverse voice.


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