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Wed March 1st at 6pm

Get plugged in. Don’t be left out.

Many have been contacting me and my team regarding the tsunami of interest, discussion and debate over Chat GPT-3 and related generative AI technologies.

Questions include:

  • What is it?

  • How real and ready is it?

  • What are the ideal use cases?

  • What are the start up opportunities?

  • Who can help me monetize it?

  • Who is investing in this space?

  • Should we be delighted or worried?

  • What about my career?

  • Is this finally the AI revolution we have been waiting for ? (yes, it is!)

On Wed March 1st at 6pm, NYC area’s top AI Innovators, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, investors and the perennially paranoid will convene and converge at Bar 169 in Manhattan’s lower east side. I selected a venue with a funky and controversial past (Google it) as an ideal place for the local digerati to iterate on our futures... courtesy of this funky and controversial new AI tech.

Come network, share, learn and get on the inside of what seems to finally be the true beginning of the AI revolution. I look forward to seeing you there.


Special thanks to our partner WEBSTOCK, a global web3 live entertainment consortium powering the next generation of the live music industry.

And thanks to our awesome and supportive committee members:

Ben Yurcisin, Alexandra AI Casale, Vimal Vachhani and Dan Goodstein.

Note: Drinks will be cash bar only



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