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Investment Opportunities in Healthcare for 2021 and Beyond

28 October 2021

Time: Hong Kong (GMT +8) 11:00am – 12:30pm


Demand for healthcare is set to grow rapidly across Asia-Pacific in the coming years. While the sector is ripe for investment, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher which areas are best for your portfolio. From pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare providers and services, to medical devices and supplies, the sheer number of sub-sectors can be overwhelming. Join the webinar "Investment Opportunities in Healthcare for 2021 and Beyond" on 28 October 2021 to hear the experts discuss:

  • What healthcare sub-sectors have the highest long-term potential for technological advancement?

  • What are the latest innovations filling previously unmet demand through new products or solutions?

  • How are government officials promoting the development of healthcare innovations in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific?

  • In what ways does Hong Kong’s positioning within the GBA offer advantages for future growth in the healthcare sector?

  • What is the current ecosystem of startups developing HealthTech and MedTech in Hong Kong and across Asia-Pacific?


  • Ms Simone Song, Founder & Senior Partner, ORI Capital

  • Mr Andrew Wong, Vice President, Transactions & Early Innovation Partnering, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific

  • Mr Andy Wong, Head of Innovation and Technology, InvestHK

  • Mr Vikram Kapur, Partner & Head of APAC Healthcare Practice, Bain & Company



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