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Kim Kardashian seeks Founders for "Magic Sauce"

Kim Kardashian landed in Berlin last Wednesday after making an appearance at the Super Return International conference.

The reality TV and instagram star, 42 — who launched her own private equity firm last year — was flanked by security and the Kardashian drew a crowd of hundreds of executives at the SuperReturn industry event, saying she wanted to learn the secrets of investing having set up her own fund last year.

Talking about her ambitions, Kardashian, whose empire spans skincare and underwear, sought what she called the "magic sauce" or special qualities of founders of companies which her fund, that has yet to make an investment, could back.

The entertainer founded SKKY last year alongside former Carlyle Group partner Jay Simmons, with an aim to invest in consumer and media-related businesses.

"I am most looking forward to my relationships with the founders,"

Kardashian said, characterizing herself as a storyteller.

She added:

"I love hearing people's stories, and hearing what their magic sauce is behind their company and why they wanted to start the company that they did and what their vision is and just hope that I can help that."

SKKY is targeting 10-12 investments in the consumer and media sectors, requiring $100 million-$500 million of equity each and asking for a commitment of at least $10 million from limited partners, Bloomberg reported.


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