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Lodago: Focusing On A Marketing Niche

IT expert and Lodago founder Mustafa Senhaji learned the hard way that the best way to tackle a market is to start with a niche.

The entrepreneur developed a dynamic emailing solution for marketers, only to learn that his solution was too advanced for the market. Undeterred, Senhaji pivoted to focus on the booking side of marketing email.

“We decided that dynamic email marketing probably has a future but let’s stick to one use case and make it available and affordable and completely easy to use,” the French national told Silicon.

In Q4 of 2021, Lodago launched a new calendar meeting platform allowing people to book meetings within emails, without leaving the inbox.

“It’s a plugin that’s been developed and integrates with the top six CRMs in the world at the moment,” said CRO and advisor Ivan Grisedale, adding: “Essentially, it enables you from within your CRM to select your prospect and send them an email with your calendar directly integrated inside that email.”

“We want to follow our customers, their needs, and the market and to grow that way. We believe in this technology of dynamic email.” Mustafa Senhaji, Founder of Lodago

Prospects can book appointments within two clicks on the integrated calendar, which is updated in real-time. And the tool has been developed so that emails are not blocked by security settings or firewalls. The team has added easy rescheduling, appointment reminders and automatic time zone adaptations, plus the tool is available in over 40 languages.

The two said that additional features like live meetings and pool calendars will be rolled out in the coming weeks, aligning with some of the requests received from prospects.

“It is really encouraging because they’re market leading features. Even the number one platforms for calendars that exist in the world today don’t have these features as of yet. So we think that will give us a competitive advantage,” said Grisedale.

Based out of the Luxembourg City Incubator with a team of seven, the firm raised €150k in seed funding in 2021 and will now focus on organic growth through partnerships and developing its customer base.

“We want to follow our customers, their needs, and the market and to grow that way. We believe in this technology of dynamic email. We know that it has some barriers because it requires learning new technologies, but we are working actively to make it easier for people,” said the founder.

Senhaji is also in talks with local actors to find ways to integrate the technology into public administration in Luxembourg.

Article courtesy of our content partner Silicon luxembourg


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