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Lyf Board - Making Harmonious Smart Homes

Spend less time surviving and more time thriving with Lyf Board

It sounds easier said than done. Especially today when our 9-5 jobs seem to be never ending 24 hour stints thanks to the entire new “work-from-home” economy or rather work-non-stop-from-home mentality that is much like a contagious workaholic virus this spreading throughout the world.

As a result family life is undergoing a digital transformation - along with the pandemic has brought about many new ways in which the family home has had to readjust, recalibrate and redefine what it means to be a family. 

The public sphere has most certainly entered the private sphere from home schooling to zoom fatigue, families across the globe have had to not only redesign their days but also that spare room into a part-time office. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all doom and gloom, spending more time with your loved ones and not having to scramble to find the right shoes to match that blazer each morning has its pluses! Although with continuous family time comes continuous new opportunities, challenges and possibilities. 

With the growing trend of smart home gadgets reaching mainstream adoption there is one Australian-based startup determined to help parents navigate this new and often chaotic new “normal” family life, and it is called Lyf Board

A smart-home product that is designed with one thing in mind, to help manage the chaos of family life.

Meet Sarah Gibbins and Aron Steg the cofounders of Lyf Board.

Aron had been looking for a CMO for a while. He had been trying to find a mother who understood the customer of our product intimately and was aligned with his mission to 'use tech to help families'. 

They met during the first week of lockdown, via a zoom call. Sarah explains, "We both knew it was a good fit from the first call we had. All we did was talk about our respective family lives and the challenges we were facing with homeschooling and working from home. Once I came on board the very first thing we did was to articulate our mission 'to help families be happier, healthier and more connected.' 

As co-founders they understand the reality that running a modern-day family is chaotic at the best of times and especially so in corona-times! 

Aron and Sarah share an understanding of the challenges of work/life balance. Aron is a father of four and Sarah is a single parent of two and both have experienced first-hand the health and emotional consequences of trying to 'do it all' with family and work and truly believes that the solution to a more balanced and harmonious family life can be achieved with smart technology.

Lyf Board is the dashboard of the family home that sits on your kitchen bench or in your family room and shares everything that's important for your family. Sarah explains “There are other Amazon and Google screen products on the market, but none that are designed to integrate and centralise other family management apps”.  

Lyf board is a highly connected and intelligent product that makes family life healthier and more streamlined by helping parents manage the chaos of family life. ‍Sarah goes one to explain that “Lyf Board simply pools all the information family members need to know and displays it at the right time of day”

Now on their sixth prototype and launching on Kickstarter this September with a fully supported campaign this startup is set to accelerate the transformation of the family unit to meet the growing demands of modern day life.

In reality running a modern family consists of breakfast banter about to-do lists for the day, texts, scribbled notes, whiteboards, scheduling apps, tracking apps, fitness apps and the list goes on. Time poor parents are stressed out trying to make sure family needs are met everyday. It’s wearing us all down and in the end straining our relationships.

The answer to these life/work balance dilemma could well be in this beautifully integrated and designed hands-free Lyf Board. Included features are:



Screen time

Commute Time




Timers & Alarms




All these features are designed to integrate with existing leading platforms to ensure families can streamline their data and features into one concise dashboard - the Lyf Board. 

Lyf Board plans on integrating with many of the most popular family management apps. Co-Founder Aron mentioned additionally that “wherever there is a gap in the market we will build it, whether it is chore or time management apps, we will build a lot of apps ourselves"

Lyf Board is so intelligent and efficient that it can even detect when someone walks into a room for example as Aron points out “It detects when Dad walks in the room and will bring up all the to-do items for dad” Not only does it ensure you can connect with family members but it also helps you monitor and manage the health and wellness of the entire family, from family sleep time to implementing healthy habits with their fantastic wellness and fitness tracking applications.

Within Lyf Board you can leave notes for loved ones, reminders for medication or chores to plan your commute time, Lyf Board has it all. No wonder it made the ‘Best new home and kitchen products at CES 2020” list by Business Insider.

So what’s next for Lyf Board you ask? This September they launch their kickstarter campaign. With an initial focus on USA, Australia, UK and Canadian markets.

If you’re anything like me and need a reliable and refreshingly easy to use platform to ensure your daily-to-do lists, zoom calls, kids assignment and reminders to walk the dog alerts consolidated into one harmonious platform then definitely check out Lyf Board, it just might be the lifesaver your family has been looking for!

Be an early adopter of this life-changing technology and help Lyf Board get this product to market by supporting them on Kickstarter in September

VIP pricing with 40% will be available for the first 24 hours at launch!' Sign up and join the waiting list HERE

About the Author

January Barnes - Head Reporter at ParlayMe - she is an experienced global tech news journalist. She is passionate about supporting visionaries on their quest to achieve unicorn status


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