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Mark Lazarus - Startups. Entrepreneurship and winning business

We discovered this Podcast series and particularly loved this episode with Mark Lazarus

Who is Mark Lazarus?

Director of Lazarus Legal and formerly the Legal Director for world-renowned energy drink brand, Monster Energy, where he was the co-head of the European Legal Department. Mark is a lawyer and former barrister who has extensive experience working with startups, FMCG businesses, Tech companies amongst many other industries and sectors, on a variety of commercial law areas including intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution.

Who is Lazarus Legal?

Lazarus Legal is a legal firm based in Sydney, Australia, serving clients around the globe. They work with businesses on an extended range of law categories including corporate and commercial law, intellectual property and trademarks, property & real estate, construction, litigation and dispute resolution, immigration, wills and estate planning and franchising. The team of lawyers at Lazarus Legal are a diverse group of individuals made up of legal experts and commercial advisors with varied backgrounds and stories to tell, who all strive to provide one-to-one service based on trust, transparency and results.

This episode is a full hour, action-packed, podcast episode where Mark Lazarus, Director of Lazarus Legal and Rani Arsanios, founder of SAVV Digital and host of the ‘The Rani Arsanios Show’ podcast, talked about a range of legal topics. The episode covered what businesses need to be aware of when it comes to commercial law, how commercial lawyers are one of the most important assets for any business or a startup, what you can do to pull yourself out of legal holes and lessons learnt from other businesses.

"Getting your Trademark and Intellectual Property right is essential for a successful journey. Your business lawyer is one of your most important assets especially at the beginning of your journey and here is why" Mark Lazarus


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