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Microsoft for startups: Tributech enables companies to securely share analysis data

Microsoft for startups: Tributech enables companies to securely share analysis data

Tributech is a young company from Austria that we support as part of our “Microsoft for Startups” initiative - like many other startups worldwide.

Data works much like the saying about happiness: its value increases when you share it. The Austrian startup Tributech has recognized this and developed a cloud business model based on Microsoft Azure. Our Viennese colleagues have just published a customer reference that presents secure data sharing between companies for the optimization of business processes.

Data sharing: an additional 100 billion US dollars for the manufacturing industry alone

New support is now also coming from Germany: from the EMEA One IoT & Mixed Reality Team, which Tributech and six other companies from our Microsoft program for startups particularly look after. They receive personal support with product development, market entry and marketing, and they can even have their products marketed by Microsoft sales in co-sell . Tributech has been presenting its solution for a few weeks at the Microsoft Technology Center in Munich, where it is being presented to important customers. You are the first startup to receive this opportunity from Microsoft Germany.

Tributech's software enables companies to share certain sections of their data streams with other companies via a gateway in Microsoft Azure or in a Docker container without having to reveal the overall scheme. With this selective release process, important data remains protected and the know-how from it can still be used or traded together. The included "layer of trust" and the blockchain technology ensure that this data is reliable and not manipulated. The Boston Consulting Group has calculated that the manufacturing industry alone can generate additional value of over 100 billion US dollars through such data sharing .

Microsoft for startups: Intensive support for B2B business ideas

Microsoft for Startups supports such young tech companies in their growth. Our free global program helps B2B startups develop their technologies and grow their businesses. We not only provide access to powerful technologies such as Microsoft Azure or development platforms such as GitHub Enterprise . The startups can also use Microsoft's commercial marketplaces, enlist the help of our sales teams, and expand their global reach through the ever-growing partner ecosystem. Microsoft for Startups also has partnerships with leading accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, and startup organizations around the world. These many activities are paying off for the young companies: The startups in our program have already achieved sales opportunities of over a billion US dollars, and last year alone, the average deals were in the six-figure range. For Tributech, the program has paid off in the past few months and the important status "Co-Sell-ready" has just been applied for.

AI dilemma: too little training data for self-learning algorithms

The young company from Linz wants to convert data into economic goods. Tributech has developed a technology with which companies can, for example, use sensor, process or business data selectively and in a verifiable manner while maintaining their data sovereignty. Thanks to its modular container structure, this Tributech DataSpace Kit can be integrated into any type of platform, cloud or on-premise system in order to support all possible technologies of the companies involved. The advantages for the user company: smarter solutions, more efficient processes, falling costs and often also lower CO 2 emissions.

The new technology could also help to solve a problem that has so far often hampered the development of artificial intelligence (AI): “Nobody wants to share their data,” was the conclusion at the Handelsblatt KI Summit in September . Self-learning AI algorithms need huge amounts of data that only a few companies can collect on their own. Many interesting questions cannot be addressed because training data is missing or the data situation is not good. 94 percent of German companies dealing with AI expect an increasing need for training data, shows a survey by the digital association Bitkom. With Tributech's technology, such data could also come from other companies or even from direct competition without any trade secrets being shared.


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