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Next Gen Summit

Are you an entrepreneur? Founder? Startup Guru or down right bad ass! whichever your poison let me tell you one thing - make sure you check out Next Gen Summit!

Yes that's right our friends over at this startup community are really pioneering the future of innovation and next gen ideas!

Once a year in NYC they hold a bad ass event with some of the brightest minds in tech!

Founded by Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella - these two have some seriously good advice for first time, serial entrepreneurs and investors

Their mission is:

Entrepreneurship is daunting, risky, and complicated. We’re here to support those who choose to overcome these obstacles in pursuit of something greater.

We believe people should control their own destinies.

We believe in creating opportunities that lead to extraordinary possibilities.

We cultivate knowledge, resources, and mentorship that empower entrepreneurs to design the life they want to live and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of achieving their purpose.

We are proud to have a community of entrepreneurs that seize the opportunity to grow and learn together.

Welcome to Next Gen.


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