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NFT NYC lit up Times Square

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Author: Ben Yurcisin

The energy was certainly felt in Times Square for NFT NYC!

It was truly breathtaking to see such a huge 15,000 sq. ft. billboard rotating 70+ artists/NFTs and really bringing this whole NFT concept to a much larger crowd through this unique and awe-inspiring visual experience. What was once considered by many to simply be “copy and paste jpegs”, now towers over Times Square, bringing a huge community together for an electric week and display. Even the Naked Cowboy came out to do his thing and see what the fuss was all about!

The display, powered by NFT magazine, rotated through and featured an incredible roster of artists, sponsors, and collections, showing the engaged viewers the vaste level of diversity of NFT art. While personal profile picture avatars have built a ton of hype in the past few months, that is only one small segment of the NFT scene. On the macro, there are opportunities to own truly unique and beautiful pieces of digital art, not to mention the record-keeping capabilities on the blockchain which will surely prove to be useful in the future for things like concert tickets, healthcare records, and more. The possibilities are endless with NFTs, and this was brought to light by the general public right in the heart of the big apple. The exhibit even featured some awesome AR art that you could only view in that specific location through the magazine’s partnership with AR platform Superworld and Pollinateart, showcasing the tech behind the art and presenting more of the possibilities of what the digital art scene will have in store. Innovation at its finest!

The after party at CSTM Haus was one for the books! They have already been hosting a monthly series of insightful events on the first Tuesday of every month with NFTuesdays, and this month it landed right in NFT NYC week! Every time I enter the room for NFTuesday, I feel the warm positive vibe of the space and the charismatic community it attracts. Hats off to the CSTM Haus team for providing a beautiful space (did we mention open bar and food was included??) for the NFT community to unite and chat about the future of the industry before hearing from the pros during their panel discussions.

This specific evening featured a fireside chat with CSTM Haus CEO and founder, Sam Payrovi as he shared some exciting news about the future of CSTM Haus that I personally want to get involved with - an exclusive membership club in Miami in the form of a floating villa by the name of Arkhaus, launching spring of 2022. Containing swimming pools, lounge areas, and all the luxuries associated with yacht life. Count me in!!!

But they have an awesome twist on their membership opportunities:

With a total of 360 membership slots available, 10 of these spots will be offered exclusively to holders of a CSTM Haus NFT. While the other 350 members have to pay annually (memberships start at $5000/year), NFT holders only have to make one purchase of the NFT which grants them lifetime access to the club. These NFTs are offered through a bid, with one NFT dropping each month (starting Nov 2021) and auctions starting at 8 Ethereum (ETH). For some context, at the time of writing this, ETH is worth $4566 per token, so 8x4566 = $36,528 for the NFT. However, rather than thinking of this as an expense like the annual membership, think of it more as an investment. Holders now own a digital asset that could potentially increase in value and earn them more money over time - how sweet! Sounds like a deal I’d like to participate in - let’s see how my NFT investments go over the next few weeks to see if I can become the next holder of an ArkHaus NFT.

Congrats to the CSTM Haus team for the epic announcement and party! See y’all next month at the next NFTuesday. Find out more about Arkhaus at

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