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June 19-22, 2022

NFT-VIP is an IRL startup whose mission is to shape the NFT industry into inspiring communities bringing together global thought leaders and curious minds with shared values and beliefs. A positive change has driven something greater than before through connecting ‘fire in the belly’ people with each other. The company’s objective is to empower the NFT community with personalized access to innovators and icons. NFT-VIP also seeks to elevate women's voices and marginalized communities by encouraging creative expression.

These events are exclusively for

thought-leaders and curious minds,

designed to power business and personal growth.

Shaping industries into inspired communities

Scouring the globe to find thought-leaders and curios minds with shared values and beliefs, aspiring to drive positive change, and be part of something greater than before. Empowering our community with personalized access to innovators and icons.

The power of humanity in NFTs and Web3

Today more than ever, putting real-world connections back at the heart of professional and personal interactions is of the utmost importance to grow together, forging lasting relationships.

THE ticket for VIP access for YOU and a guest to June 19-22, 2022 2nd & 6th floors. takes place in the heart of New York City at the one-of-a-kind tropical oasis of Margaritaville Resort Times Square at the intersection of 40th St & 7th Ave

Your pass to set sail to a four day star-studded, exclusive event for the community to learn, share and inspire. Curious minds and thought leaders connect in an intimate, informal setting designed to power Web3 and personal growth. During Jimmy Buffett’s poolside retreat, days are personalized with comprehensive panels, workshops, seminars and networking.

The evenings offer exclusive VIP dinners & after parties that celebrate our connection because of NFTs, Web 3.0, Blockchain and De-Fi. Live performances from music icons and mentoring industry disruptors designed to shape the industry by:

  • Advance voices of women in Tech & Web 3.0

  • Elevate our underrepresented communities by inspiring creative expression

  • NFT 101 mentoring of older and younger community members with hand guided orientations into the space through workshops and panels

  • Offer our more experienced community members inspiration by deep diving into our daily panels for a more advanced placement of knowledge

  • Aid in career and financial success as well as leadership skills and personal evolution

  • Empower our community with personalized access to innovators and icons

Ticket designed by artist Alex Alpert

Grab your ticket HERE


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