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Author: Ben Yurcisin

NFT NYC kicked off with Summer vibes at Margaritaville!

The ParlayMe NFT team arrived to NFT VIP on Sunday to beautiful weather and a day packed with panel discussions, poolside fun, food, drinks, and awesome networking opportunities! While there was much to soak in - aside from sunrays - throughout the day, I made one fatal mistake: forgetting my bathing suit to the rooftop pool party. While this was my biggest rookie move of the week, I still made sure to dip my feet in the pool while watching the many panel discussions and learning about the different industries that NFTs are disrupting despite the bear market.

The panel discussions were back to back throughout the day and featured chats on the intersection of NFTs and fashion, security, law and so much more, further showcasing the many use cases of NFTs and implications holders and builders must take into account to ensure they are staying protected in an unprecedented market. Aside from the technical discussions, there were also mindful sessions such as a meditation session guided by the influencer Genesis Johnson, which brought a sense of balance to the programming and kicked things off on the right foot.

It was also great to see more women in the scene, both in the audience and as panelists.

To name a few:

-Alissa Jordan, a licensed attorney with 15+ years of experience in compliance and ethics in a variety of corporate environments including insurance, health care, and tech who is now bringing this experience to web3 by asking some pointed questions about the standards we want to see in this decentralized space.

-Julie Lamb, founder CEO, Entrepreneur @ How To With Julie Sue NYC USA and Executive Producer @ Miami NFT Week.
-Stacey Yael, CEO & founder of Visible Women NFT. Stacey is a member of the Steering Committee for the first ever Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture, and Feminist Studies at Rutgers University. This experience set in motion Stacey's determination to make the intersection of feminism and media her life's work. As an entrepreneur, Stacey launched numerous creative start-ups including co-founding Cybertrucker Club NFT. Her career is grounded in her lifelong passion for providing strategic advice to individuals, businesses and nonprofits. Stacey is passionate about the exponential potential for women to participate in the opportunities being created in the NFT space.

On night two attendees got to experience an exclusive live premiere of the Metacitzn NFT documentary “Not a JPEG” showcasing the rise of the industry and how the space came to be and grow in popularity. The documentary featured interviews with celebrities, artists, NFT project creators and more to get their insights on what is really happening behind the scenes with this movement and how they’ve found success - and learned from failures - within the space. Given the major cultural shift created by blockchain and NFTs, this film marks a historic moment in time and will be looked back on for years to come as a reminder of how this revolution came to be.

All in all, NFT VIP was an incredible side-conference to NFT NYC which brought together collaborators, thought leaders, influencers and more to connect and build relationships that can ultimately form into partnerships and future businesses down the line. Shoutout to NFT VIP for creating a space for collaborators and entrepreneurs to learn about technology and connect with like-minded individuals - with a pool and Summer vibes.

Next time I’ll be sure to remember my bathing suit and get the pool party started. Until then let's keep the party going #ParlayMeStyle :)


Ben Yurcisin - ParlayMe NFT Tech Reporter -

I am a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering and a passion for creating community through fun and value-packed events. As founder of BeYu Labs - a web3 startup focused on empowering web3 entrepreneurship through connections and events - I aim to explore the unique opportunities and potential presented by the rise of NFT culture and future of the internet as we know it. I spend my free time playing guitar, skateboarding, traveling and researching overpriced JPEGs. Join the Discord:


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