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Reasons To Start Networking On LinkedIn Today

Author: Jannika Salminen

Are you one of the people who hide behind anonymity when it comes to LinkedIn, hiding your profile views from others, even trying to spy others on Incognito mode, or not visiting anyone’s profile for the sake of being worried for them seeing? Or the person who only connects with the people you have worked with, currently or in the past?

Stop doing that.

The reason for this is very simple. As its best, LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, not just a CV storage. For a more tangible example, think about a networking event. Would you stand silently in a networking event, your back steadily against the wall, careful not to hand your business card to anyone, only talking to your colleagues? Hopefully not.

LinkedIn is your always ongoing networking event where you can meet interesting people around the world, all who are there for professional purposes. Just as at a traditional networking event, you want to meet people who you share interests with, who can be beneficial for your future endeavors, or with whom you have other connections.

Network with the right people

You appear established in your industry when you have over 500 connections on LinkedIn. While this is the goal for many, do not start adding connections blindly. These kinds of connections do not really add value to your network, and what you want out of your network is value. Try to build a network that can help you to achieve your professional goals and dreams in one way or another, or who otherwise add some value in your network.

Let people know why you want to network with them

Instead of sending random networking invitations to people, add a short note in the networking invitation, introducing yourself and letting them know why you want to network with them, especially if you are not aquinstances in real life.

Engage with people

Your network of hundreds of people is not worth much if there is nothing happening on your LinkedIn. If posting your own content feels like too big a step to take right away, start with commenting on other people’s posts. LinkedIn is full of interesting conversations on both individual people’s pages, as well as in groups.

So, next time, instead of hitting the like button, write a comment. Make it a habit to write a couple of comments a day and your profile is going to be seen by a whole heap of people. Besides increasing the visibility of your profile, engaging with people builds relationships, just like any kind of communication does in real life.

Article courtesy of our content partner Silicon Luxembourg


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