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Salary Negotiation Bootcamp for Women in Tech

To overcome the gender pay gap in Tech, we need action. Salary Negotiation Bootcamp for women in Tech on November 25 and 26, 2021.


With recent reports of Revolut paying its C-level women 30% less than C-level men and the existing gap of 18% gap between women and men in tech in Europe, it is apparent that the tech industry has a long way to go. While we continue to push companies to change and encourage inclusive practices, it is important to ensure that women in tech feel supported in the meantime by giving them battle weapons.

That’s why 50inTech is launching the “What I Really, Really Want Bootcamp” on November 25 and 25, 2021. In some of the highest-paid jobs in the world, where women are underrepresented, there is still a gender pay gap of 18% That is just one of the reasons why women quit tech at the age of 35. The tech industry not being inclusive is not breaking news. Some companies have begun to address the problem but struggle to put in place efficient practices. However, some have found solutions such as GitLab’s remote compensation model or Criteo who has closed the salary gap of men and women to zero. Reporting on women in tech being less ambitious drives the narrative that the pay gap is due to the women and not the system itself. Unfortunately, without the tools or advice, many women get lost and end up succumbing to accepting less than their worth or not understanding their worth.

Women are four times less likely than men to ask for a raise—and when they do, they typically request 30% less. While 71% of men say they will only change jobs if it includes a salary increase, only 20% of women claim the same. At 50inTech, we create the match between women in tech and inclusive companies.

We believe that companies must adapt and change while empowering women with tools to supercharge their careers. Negotiation is a skill that can be learned by everyone. That is why we are launching our annual Bootcamp on salary negotiation, registration is free and dedicated to women in tech. On a mission to empower women: What I Really, Really Want Bootcamp (2nd Edition) After a successful 2020 edition with 1500 attendees from 49 countries, 50inTech is back with a free virtual Bootcamp hosted by negotiation experts and inspirational women in the tech industry who will give expert career advice.

On the agenda for these two days: the state of salaries, the gender pay gap in the European Tech industry and actionable tips on how to master the financial side of the negotiation. Featured speakers: - 50inTech Founder & CEO, Caroline Ramade and Virgile Raingeard, CEO at Figures to discuss the past, present and future of salary equality. - Atossa Vaziri, VP of Sales Enablement at Dataiku to teach women how to prepare for and rock their annual performance review. - Yasmine Guérin, creator of the Negotiatress method who will share her expertise on overcoming negotiation obstacles. - Meri Williams, CTO at Healx (previously CTO at Monzo) to discuss negotiating without fear. - And also women from 50inTech’s community who will share how they increased their salaries by over 30% using tips and tricks from the 2020 edition.

The 1st edition produced great results:

"Thanks to the 50inTech negotiation bootcamp and mentorship, I negotiated a 50% raise for a new job earlier this year. Some companies insisted that I was asking for too much and even tried to "help" me by telling my that more experienced applicants were asking for less. Knowing my value, I held out. In the end, I had multiple offers for my desired salary from companies who value women and diversity, all while leaving room for career growth. Thank you, 50inTech!"

Coley, Participant of the 2020 edition.

Registration is free and open for women in tech: About 50inTech 50inTech creates the match between #womenintech and safe workplaces: We provide best-in-class jobs to women in Tech with companies determined to break down barriers. We empower them with personalized coaching and actionable tips to excel in their career path and we encourage peers' networking and value role models. We support companies to build a strong D&I culture that encourages the hiring, promotion, and retention of talented women. We partner with startups and largest companies such as Slack, Doctolib, BackMarket, Dataiku, Prestashop, Blablacar and Orange. 50% representation of women in Tech by 2050?

We can make it together. It all starts today on


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