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Startup Stories: Kickstart Your Sales - The Accelerator Network & CFE

16th February

The Accelerator Network Startup's Stories shares 2 founders' journeys & tips to kickstart your sales co-hosted with Centre For Entrepreneurs

Join The Accelerator Network's Startup Stories, co-hosted with Centre For Entrepreneurs for our February edition, to hear from 2 of our communities' alumni founders sharing their experience and practical tips on kickstarting sales for fellow entrepreneurs.

Every startup faces the challenge of getting the first customers, proving product market fit and gaining traction. We'll be chatting with the founders of BlackCurve and Sideways 6 to hear how they tackled this critical need and built sales from the early days to growing and scaling. WE'LL DISCUSS:

  • Tackling first sales and hacks

  • Navigating complexities of 2020 and takeaways to power sales strategy, team and execution

  • Building B2B sales do's and don'ts


  • 5:30-5:50pm introduction and panel discussion

  • 5:50-6:00pm Q&A for audience questions

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