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Startup World Cup Israel

Startup World Cup is one of the largest and leading global annual startup competitions worldwide.

January 12th

About this Event Startup World Cup 2021 Israel

About this Event Startup World Cup (SWC) is a global series of conferences and competitions that bring together the top startups, investors, entrepreneurs and tech CEOs around the world. Starting with regional competitions in nearly 50+ countries across six continents, hundreds of selected top technology startups compete for the chance to move onto the Grand Finale event in San Francisco to win a $1 million investment grand prize. Startup World Cup is organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures in partnership with investors and local sponsors. - For more information on the Startup World Cup, please visit,

Israel Regional Event

This Year, for the first time, TECH IT FORWARD is bringing the Startup World Cup to Israel. Tech It Forward is an Israeli-based consulting and tech events agency that connects global investors and corporates with the vibrant and innovative Israeli tech ecosystem. Partners of Pegasus in Israel, Tech It Forward organizes the Israeli Regional event. Israel’s regional competition will be the perfect opportunity to gain exposure in front of the most influential people in the Israeli tech ecosystem as well as leading VCs, and industry experts from abroad.

Here are the top 10 startups that will pitch live: - Hargol FoodTech specializes in growing large quantities of grasshoppers in captivity as an alternative protein source. - SensePass is the developer of SensePay, an enterprise-grade payment technology designed to execute seamless payments through secured IoT communications. - RobotAI develops AI-based software that transforms cameras into 3D measurement devices. - Dealtale is focused on solving the problem of siloed data in digital-based organizations that have adopted numerous SaaS tools, each with its own set of analytics and reporting. - i-BrainTech is an AI-powered brain-training solution designed to enhance the KPIs of individual athletes and to empower coaches using innovative neuro sport insights. - ARpalus is a retail tech company that helps CPG and retailers better execute their in-store operations thanks to Augmented Reality. - Matricelf has developed a technology that enables the production of autologous engineered tissue composed of matrix and cells derived from patients’ omental biopsies. - Pika develops products to end the use of plastic by using circular economy concepts. The company is currently developing a machine that cleans reusable diapers in one step. - Serenus.AI develops solutions to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. The company’s patent-pending technology was developed to help medical professionals and patients make better medical decisions at the post-diagnostic stage to save lives and valuable resources. - ExoProTher is a biomedical start-up developing a novel approach to cancer treatment. 2021 Israel Confirmed Judges

  • Bill Reichert, Partner, Pegasus Tech Ventures

  • Roy Caner, Partner, EBN & Co.

  • Tal Dori, Ceo, IBI Investment House

  • Uria Fiano, Serial Entrepreneur and Tech It Forward Board Member

  • Michal Michaeli, Dir. Int. Economic Dev Tel Aviv Global

  • Delia Pekelman, Deputy Head Leumitech

  • Snir Hassidim, Business and Corporate Dev Manager, Check Point Software

  • Aviv Marom, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Samsung Research Israel

Agenda Guest Speech 7:00-7:30PM Startup World Cup Pitch Competition & Awards Ceremony 7:30-8:15PM Deliberation and Announcement of the Winner: 8:15-8:30PM


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