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StrategyBox Announces $2M in Seed Financing to Make Customer Journey Mapping Simple With AI

StrategyBox, a marketing analytics platform that makes it easy to understand what marketing activities drive sales, has closed a $2 million seed round with Fuel Ventures of London, England. This investment is a first in Canada for Fuel Ventures. 

Mark Pearson, General Partner of Fuel Ventures, said, "Our team sees StrategyBox as the future of marketing reporting. They show a company the journey a customer takes from first touch to sale. Then provide AI-powered recommendations on what content, ads and activities most effectively drive a customer forward in the buying process. It's a game-changer and we couldn't be more excited to dive in with our support."  

Aaron Vidas, StrategyBox CEO, said, "I started the company to do what should be easy today, but isn't: understanding how marketing activities drive revenue. Today we're saving our customers thousands of hours annually automating marketing reporting and driving millions in additional revenue with our recommendations." 

Continues Vidas, "Fuel's resources allow us to bring those valuable tools to more companies at a time when more sales can be the difference between life and death for a business." With 300% month-over-month revenue growth and a growing customer base in retail, SaaS and financial services, the new capital brings StrategyBox's total funding to $2 million. The company will use the funds to support 50+ additional marketing and advertising platforms. As well as adding radio attribution - the ability to show how radio ads influence online sales - to its platform. 

StrategyBox is a marketing analytics platform with offices in Vancouver, Canada and London, England. Its customer journey mapping tools make it simple for retail, financial services and technology companies to understand how marketing activities drive sales. 

Fuel Ventures is an early and growth stage investor in leading technology businesses headquartered in London, England. Fuel's portfolio includes some of the fastest-growing U.K. technology companies including Paddle and Moteefe, which have been listed recently by Deloitte as the fastest-growing software and e-commerce companies in the U.K. On the back of this success at finding winners, the company is expanding its reach and is now investing in key technology hubs globally, with Vancouver being the first official Canadian investment. 

Media Contact Aaron Vidas, CEO, Founder, StrategyBox Direct - +1.778.288.0488 Email - Site SOURCE StrategyBox, Inc.


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