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Synthedia Media Conference

The online event aims to spotlight the novel technology and the latest innovations, use cases, and trends driving the synthetic media industry forward - September 14 2022

The global momentum behind synthetic media tech is snowballing quickly. With Hour One at the forefront, Digital humans, voice clones, AI-enabled image generators, AI-powered text generators, “deep fakes”, and even synthetic celebrities are leading a now undeniable synthetic media boom.

Head of Strategy Natalie Monbiot from

Hour One will also lay out Hour One’s vision of AI’s foreseeable future, and answer media inquiries about where we see things heading.

  • Event: Synthedia – The Synthetic Media Conference

  • Day: September 14 2022

  • Time: 12 noon – 3:30 pm EDT

The entire event will be broadcasted on Zoom, so feel free to stay in Pajamas. See you there!



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