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Smart Fitness Newcomers

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

One thing is for sure - at the start of each year consumerism runs riot in Las Vegas with the biggest and boldest Consumer Electronics Show on the planet.

And this year was no exception - if you attended and are still recovering or didn't make it and want to know all the scoop then we at ParlayMe have you covered!

With huge TV installations and enough smart home gadgets to fill the Palace of Versailles, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may not seem like a haven for fitness-related tech.

However in recent years it’s become a who’s who of activity trackers, interactive at-home workout gear, and smart fitness equipment – and CES 2020 was no different.

But while this year’s show yet again delivered on the promise of fitness innovation, it wasn’t via traditional players like Garmin, Peloton, or Fitbit – who all surprisingly remained relatively quiet. Instead, the most noteworthy brands making significant commotion in the space were the sport watch company, Suunto, and the audio brand, Jabra.

Here are some home smart fitness companies that are making an impact at CES

First up we have Huami - a Chinese wearables company Huami and a subscription based home course with their Amazfit home - Studio boss Jason Baptiste also said that the real source of money was not the hardware, but subscriptions. They are said to cost 34.99 US dollars and provide the respective user with new sports programs.

Here is a comprehensive review of the best budget bluetooth headphones on the market too

For comparison: The Peloton Tread, which is similar to the home studio, costs $ 4,295 in the United States.

But overall there were some really impressive new additions to the Smart Tech Fitness arena - here are our top picks

The best fitness tech at CES 2020:

Best at-home workout system: Amazfit HomeStudio

Best workout earbuds: Jabra Elite Active 75t

Best fitness wearable: SmartTools SmartCuffs

Best fitness smartwatch: Suunto 7

Best innovative fitness: NURVV Run

Best unorthodox fitness device: Manta5 Hydrofoil XE-1 E-Bike

Honorable mention: Ergatta Digital Rower


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