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Tokeny Helps Democratizing Football Investment Through Tokenization

Auhor: Nathan Moyse

Tokenchampions founders (left to right): Carlos Salas, CEO, Josep Maria Minguella, Honorary Sport President and Junior Minguella, Chief Sport Officer (Photo © Tokenchampions)

Partnering with Luxembourg-based startup Tokeny, investment fund Tokenchampions makes footballers’ image rights accessible for as little as €100.

Tokenization platform provider Tokeny has announced a partnership with Tokenchampions, the first investment fund that tokenizes debts for the acquisition and management of international football players’ image rights. The tokenized asset is accessible to retail investors in Europe for as little as €100. Furthermore, a secondary market solution will be offered to improve liquidity, using Tokeny’s Billboard.

The tokens issued are backed by the Tokenchampions fund and can be acquired through the Tokenchampions app.

The selection of football players is headed by renown football agent Josep Maria Minguella, most famous for bringing Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi to FC Barcelona. In this first issuance, Tokenchampions is incorporating young footballers on the rise with great growth potential from clubs such as Roma, Lazio and Atletico Madrid.

“Tokenchampions democratizes the football business by combining the latest technology with an unrivaled experience in the management of sports talent, (…) allowing all football fans to participate, regardless of whether they are small or large investors” says Carlos Salas, CEO of Tokenchampions.

“The Tokenchampions team is a pioneer in using tokenization to make football investment more accessible and liquid for a wider range of investors.”

Luc Falempin In particular, the fund aims to tackle the three problems that are often associated with investing in the football business:

1. The minimum investment amount is too high

2. There is no access to such an investment opportunity.

3. The assets are illiquid.

“The Tokenchampions team is a pioneer in using tokenization to make football investment more accessible and liquid for a wider range of investors”

says Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny. “Our end-to-end tokenization platform helps them to achieve rapid onboarding of investors, cost-efficient management, and rapid transfer of securities in a compliant manner.”

In fact, tokenization through the Tokeny platform digitizes the assets on the blockchain. The assets are programmed and fractioned, allowing for smaller investment and automated compliance. Using Tokeny’s Billboard, the secondary market enables peer-to-peer transactions prior to the maturity date.

With four billion followers worldwide, football has an enormous potential to attract investments from individuals who were previously unable to enter the football business due to the obstacles mentioned previously. The Tokenchampions initiative allows people to invest in the image rights of young promising players who have the potential to become the next football stars, which would substantially increase the value of those rights.

The partnership is a further example of Luxembourg’s role as a hub for asset tokenization, attracting numerous promising projects. Tokenchampions has been structured in Luxembourg, as Bill 7637 gives clear regulatory status to blockchain as the underlying technology for the issuance and circulation of securities.

Article courtesy of our content partner site Silicon Luxembourg


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