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Twitter introduces the Edit feature

Popular social media giant, Twitter has announced it will roll out an editing feature to subscribers of its premium Twitter Blue service later this month.

The September 1 announcement on Twitter comes after years of user requests for such a feature.

The company says it's been testing the feature internally and confirmed it is one of the most requested features to date.

Twitter users will finally be able to edit the tweets they post on the platform. However, as per reports, only paid users will have the access to the feature and it remains to be seen if the feature will be available for all 237 million users.

“We’re hoping that with the availability of Edit Tweet, tweeting will feel more approachable and less stressful,”

Twitter said in a statement.

“You should be able to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense to you.”

It’s one thing for apps and platforms to not support certain features or add-ons, but the edit button amounts to a fundamental change to the core unit of Twitter: the tweet.

If a single tweet can be different things in different places, depending on where you’re seeing it, Twitter suddenly starts to feel like an unreliable source and perhaps not what it set out to originally achieve.

Do you welcome the edit button or do you prefer the traditional twitter with no edit feature?


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