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Twitter’s New Communities Feature Challenges Facebook Groups

Author: Eric Brard

On Twitter, you’ll find conversations about everything – from sports, politics, hobbies…and the stranger topics. However, Twitter wants to now help users narrow down the scope. With Communities, people can really focus on the conversation at hand – allowing others to easily find the conversation and join in.

Not everyone wants to talk about yesterday’s game or what food you ate today, so now people can join specific conversations and chat with people who DO want to talk about cute dogs or what star signs they are.

So, how does Communities work?

When a user joins a community, they’ll be given the option to tweet to that specific group of followers with interactions only being possible amongst people in that community. That said, these communities are publicly visible and can still be retweeted, that way if you come across a topic that interests you, you can just join in on the dialogue. When communities are created, the moderator has the power to choose how it plays out. What’s the focus? What rules apply to this community? These are all things that you can decide on. Moderators can collaborate with one another to make it a space that everyone loves. After all, that’s what community is about.

How to access Communities

To find the Communities space, simply press the central tab on the bottom. Find the conversation you want and hop right in. For the time being, Communities is a feature on trial. It is being tested with popular topics like dogs, weather, sneakers, skincare, and astrology. But in the coming months, more and more people will be able to create communities for a wider range of topics.

To take part in a community, you must be invited by a moderator. However, you can enquire about creating a community here. In the meantime, you can check out some of the communities in action right now: Book Twitter, Crypto Twitter, Skincare Twitter, Archaeology Twitter, Swiftie Twitter For more information on Twitter’s new feature, click here.

Article courtesy of our content partner site Women Love Tech

About the Author

Emeric Brard is a lifestyle writer for Women Love Tech and The Carousel and a ParlayMe Contributor


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