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Uni Launches Free AI Introductory Course

If ChatGPT’s potential has made you curious about AI, maybe it’s time to take a deeper dive into the subject and check out the University of Luxembourg’s weekly webinar to accompany a MOOC.

Elements of AI course one, created by MinnaLearn and the University of Helsinki, offers a free, practical and theoretical introduction to a field which in recent months has captured the public’s imagination.

“Everyone is discussing AI and the technology is evolving day by day. This is an opportunity for the public who don’t have a computer science background to learn what AI is, its potential and risks,” said Sana Nouzri, a post-doctoral researcher at the AI Robolab and webinar host and organiser.

She added: “Most applications in our daily lives are driven by AI. It’s in Gmail, in Google, in our phones. If you don’t understand how it works, it will be difficult to trust and use AI applications.”

The six-week MOOC, which can be completed at each user’s own pace, outlines what can and cannot be achieved using AI. Aimed at beginners, participants do not need any programming skills or AI experience to follow the weekly readings and complete the exercises. Participants can ask questions of the local team via a especially created Slack channel. Meanwhile every Wednesday from 1-2pm, they can attend a webinar which will provide more contemporary AI applications.

“AI is a vast field. By the end of the course, the participants who have a problem to be solved or a project to be created using AI, will know what technology to focus on or what they have to learn in order to achieve their goal,” said Nouzri.

Chapter 1: What is AI? is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 22 March. This introductory course will run until 29 March and will be followed by a multiple choice text the week of 19 April. The second course will focus on building AI.


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