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Viva Technology - The Female Founder Challenge 2020

Despite the cancellation of this year's event, VivaTech continues to support the development of startups in this difficult context. The Female Founder Challenge, created by VivaTech and 50inTech, which aims to accelerate the financing of women-led start-ups and involve venture capital funds at a greater parity in financing, has therefore been maintained.

After a successful first edition, the Female Founder Challenge 2020 goes 100% online!

On June 18, 10 finalists will compete in an online event in front of more than 50 VC funds and a jury of global investors. The winner will benefit from one-to-one interviews with them and a free corner at VivaTech 2021. All global VCs are invited to attend, so make sure to register for this event if you belong to this category. We’d love to see you there.

Today, meet the 10 finalists who will go head to head on June 18.


Narjes Boufaden, Co-founder and CEO, Keatext (Canada)

More than ever, public reviews and social media influencers are driving the brand’s success. Keatext provides peace of mind that all feedback is collected, addressed & turned into actionable insights. LinkedIn | Twitter

Katarzyna Dorsey, Founder and CEO, Yosh.AI (United Kingdom)

Yosh.AI empowers retailers with AI solutions to automatize communication via personalized voice assistant supporting sales and customer support. LinkedIn

Clothilde Chalot, Co-founder and CEO, NomadPlay (France)

Do you dream of playing with classical music virtuosos? With NomadPlay, take a seat in total immersion with renowned artists to live an exceptional musical session! LinkedIn | Twitter

Urszula Herman, CEO, PelviFly (Poland)

PelviFly helps women to train pelvic floor muscles with the use of intravaginal probe, mobile application and team of medical experts. It helps to recover young moms after childbirth, protects against urinary incontinence and enhance sexual life. LinkedIn | Twitter

Diana Brondel, Founder and CEO, Xaalys (Poland)

Xaalys is the first French digital bank designed for 12 to 17 year olds. Xaalys aims to foster teenagers’ financial literacy while paving the path to financial independence. LinkedIn | Twitter

Nathalie Maubon, Founder, CEO and CSO, HCS Pharma (France)

HCS Pharma recreates, for the first time, organs in 3D in vitro for the research of new drugs thanks to its organ-specific extracellular matrix for 3D culture, BIOMIMESYS. LinkedIn | Twitter

Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, CEO, ECOncrete (Israel)

ECOncrete offers a suite of high performance environmentally sensitive concrete solutions that enhance the biological and ecological value of urban, coastal, and marine infrastructure while increasing their strength and durability. LinkedIn | Twitter

Hawa Traore, Co-founder and CEO, Teliman (Mali)

Teliman has launched the first on-demand taxi-moto service in Bamako, connecting urban commuters to professional taxi-moto drivers through a call center, moto-taxi stations and a mobile app. LinkedIn | Twitter

Aline Sara, Co-founder and CEO, NaTakallam (United States of America)

NaTakallam offers high quality in-demand language services, including translation, online language teaching and tutoring, as well as cultural exchange services, delivered by refugees and displaced persons. LinkedIn | Twitter

Ksenia Belkina, Founder and CEO, Cardiomo (United States of America)

Wearable continuous remote monitoring with AI engine to deliver real-time, actionable insights to enable early detection of arrhythmias and early warning for heart diseases. LinkedIn | Twitter

Article by Thibault Merz, Tech for Good Program Manager @ Viva Technology


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