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China Growth Capital - Partner

Wayne Shiong is a Partner at China Growth Capital, a Beijing-based early-stage technology investor since 2006.

He leads the firm’s frontier technologies sector with investments like WeRide (a.k.a JingChi), DeePhi, Mech Mind, HealthBio, Sobot, Landscape Aerospace, etc.

A former Partner at Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Wayne has also worked with WI Harper Group, a cross-border early-stage investor in technology and health care.

Over the years, he has handled several coveted investments including iClick, Mogujie, Maxthon, Go Mobile, ChIVD, Edan Instrument and Innovation Works. Having earned a B.A. in Economics from Peking University, Wayne launched his investment career as a consultant to Piper Jaffray's internet equity research team.

Prior to Piper Jaffray, Wayne was the cofounder of a bluetooth start-up funded by Mobile Internet (Asia).

Listen to our exclusive podcast with Wayne here

China Growth Capital (CGC) is a China-focused seed and early venture investor since 2006. The firm funds seed to Series B in enterprise software and services, frontier technologies, marketplace and consumer sectors. The typical investment size ranges from $1M to 5M with a hard cap ceiling at $15M per company. CGC manages 8 Billion RMB (approximately 1.2 Billion USD) across its different RMB and USD funds. As an early stage expert, we proactively assit our companies with talent acquisition, go-to-market strategy, customer referral and opinion leadership marketing. Notable portfolio includes SMZDM (300785.SZ), Missfresh, Wish, Klook, Tongdun, Tiger Brokers (NASDAQ: TIGR), BeyondHost (now part of Meituan 03690.HK), 2Dfire, PingCAP, DeePhi (now part of NASDAQ: XLNX), AIBEE, EasyLinkin, Landspace, WeRide and etc.

Investment Thesis

We believe China consumer opportunities are saturating while enterprise and technology are the next natural evolution in economy growth.

We pioneered fintech and enterprise innovations in China since founding in 2006 with a unique portfolio of fintech (Tongdun for risk management, Tiger Brokers asonline discount brokerage etc.), enterprise software (2Dfire for cloud-based restaurant management, PingCAP as the most developed open source NewSQL database on GitHub), frontier technology (DeePhi as AI chip for edge computing, WeRide as L4 autonomous driving) and marketplace players (MissFresh for mobile fruit and grocery delivery, Klook for destination activity discovery).

We emphasize sector-focused coverage breadth and in-depth sector knowledge. We are a group of sector specialists who understand the dynamics of the target markets so that we could spot mega trends at early stage. We have also adopted a unique Team of Teams organizational structure to support our way of active vertical investing and portfolio management.


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