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What The Hack

A remote hackathon event from What The Hack to find new ways to improve food supply and delivery using blockchain technology

Event dates: September 4-6

What The Hack Site:

This hackathon brings teams from different areas of expertise to understand, research, and find ways to implement blockchain technology to address food shortage and distribution on a global scale.

With Covid 19 highlighting the importance of building and maintaining a reliable food supply chain we are at an important moment in history. A moment in which we can use technology to help those who face greater uncertainty than when the pubs will reopen.

While the past 40 years have shown a marked improvement in caloric supply across the globe, the task now is to ensure that not only this trend continues but that supplies are spread equitably. What The Hack is proving that there is strength in numbers. With lead sponsor Microsoft heading the event and volunteers from Origin Chain Network, IBM, Arthur Cox, 500 Startups, Sprout X, and Trinity College Dublin they have brought together a team of international experts to ensure teams create the best possible solutions for such an important challenge. Like their last event #HackBack, Blockchain And The World Food Supply is an entirely virtual, international event. Volunteers hail from Ireland, California, USA, and Melbourne, Australia.

As always, What The Hack is working to bring together as many viewpoints as possible to create unique solutions to this important, worldwide problem. While we are still unable to physically meet with each other, What The Hack is taking advantage of being able to reach a global network of experts, participants, and volunteers create the innovative and applicable solutions that pressing problems need.

Blockchain And The World Food Supply, like other What The Hack events, brings people together from all over the world to create a better future for everyone.


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