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Whatsapp Outage

With two billion monthly active users globally users - it's a big deal when WhatsApp goes down.

And that is the case this Tuesday, with WhatsApp outages reported across the globe to start this October 25.

Meta, which owns WhatsApp, said the problem had been fixed but did not give a reason for the disruption.

People trying to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, which has about two billion users globally, began reporting issues just before 08:00 BST.

According to the monitoring service DownDetector, a number of users have reported issues with sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp in the early hours of Tuesday morning, specifically around 02:00 CDT.

WhatsApp has become a critical means of communication for households and businesses. When WhatsApp had an hours-long outage last October, it hit trading of assets from cryptocurrencies to oil, before traders switched to alternative platforms such as Telegram.

It is back up now!


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