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Wolves Summit May 24-27

Updated: May 12, 2022

Wolves Summit is coming in a new formula. The great technological festival will bring together startups from Central and Eastern Europe

On 24 May, startups, investors, and everyone involved with technology, innovation, and finance from Central and Eastern Europe will meet in Wrocław and online at Wolves Summit, a huge technology festival with a new formula, lasting 4 days. This is a unique opportunity to establish business relationships and grow your business, as well as support startups from Ukraine and other countries in the region.

Wolves Summit in Wrocław since 2015

For seven years now, the Wolves Summit technology conference has been bringing together startups and investors. During this time, thanks to Wolves Summit, there have been as many as 37,500 meetings between startup representatives and potential investors in the 1:1 format. In total, all editions have been attended by nearly 26,000 participants from 90 countries, including 7,500 startups, 4,700 CEOs and 3,000 investors. The numbers are truly impressive and Wolves Summit grows stronger and stronger every year.

Support for startups in the face of war in Ukraine

Recent events in Ukraine have shaken the whole world. Poland, as one of its neighbours, and other CEE countries immediately rushed to help citizens fleeing the war. Companies, including startups, have to evacuate from the conflict-ridden Ukraine. Doing business in such a situation is very difficult, as Michael Chaffe, founder of Wolves Summit, is aware. As he emphasises, the war in Ukraine has also affected him personally – it was in this country that he spent several years before settling permanently in Poland. That is why he decided to support startup founders from Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European countries and announced that participation in this year's edition of Wolves Summit 2022 is free for startups coming from: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Unique edition of the Wolves Summit

This year’s edition will be unique – the event will last 4 days, which will allow us to fully focus on specific industries represented by the startups participating in the event. During the technology festival, there will be, among others, the Great Pitch Contest, ie presentations of one hundred startups (selected from among several thousand) in front of a panel of experts and investors, and matchmaking, ie 1:1 meetings that enable startups and entrepreneurs to establish business relations. In addition, participants will be able to benefit from the knowledge provided by keynote speakers and other experts during lectures and panel discussions. This year, the main topics will be the future of HR, working models, cities and homes, as well as new technologies used in gaming, edtech and createch. There will also be a networking gala, which is a regular feature of each edition of Wolves Summit, where in a more informal atmosphere you can talk to representatives of various industries, exchange views, build relationships and relax after an intensive day at the festival.

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