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Zoom Fires President Greg Tomb ‘Without Cause’

Zoom has sacked its president, Greg Tomb, a former Google employee who only began working at the company around 10 months ago.

Zoom Video Communications Inc. slumped in early trading Friday after abruptly terminating the employment of President Greg Tomb, a former Google executive who had only started at the firm in June.

Zoom, the video messaging platform which saw a massive increase in business during the pandemic, was not spared from the widespread industry changes — and the company's latest shock to its executive leadership is the proof.

In a regulatory filing, Zoom announced its president Greg Tomb’s employment termination ‘without any cause’. The move has left people surprised as the top level executive had been hired by the company in June 2022. This means that he has been fired before even completing a year at the company.

During the pandemic, Zoom usage surged significantly as millions stayed home.

The company's CEO said during the latest earnings call that the company experienced headwinds in terms of currency impact, online contraction, and deal scrutiny, which continued into Q4.

For the period ended December 31, 2022, its enterprise business grew 24 per cent and total revenue came in at $1.118 billion, up 4 per cent year over year.


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