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10 Best Budget Bluetooth Headphones

by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff

The sense of hearing, though present in almost everyone, does not guarantee the ability to listen. Listening is the ability that helps you to hear sounds and, your ability to listen can often go a long way to determine how well you can reproduce sounds, especially when you play the guitar.

Advancement in technology has provided us with tools to aid our listening abilities, and one such tool is the Bluetooth headphone.

The freedom and the power to maximize the listening ability no matter the location is one of the perks of a Bluetooth Headphone. 

There are various brands and options of Bluetooth headphones out there, ranging in the extremes of prices, and design options. In this review, however, I will be considering the best of the budget range Bluetooth headphones, helping you choose which one will fit your present needs.

Without any further ado, let’s check them out! Contents

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones 

Mpow 059 Over-ear Bluetooth Headphone Buy on Amazon MPOW is one of the best headphone manufacturers today, and they have a nice Bluetooth headphone in Mpow 059 over-ear Bluetooth headphones that has one of the best sound quality at an affordable price range.

The Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphone is an over-the-ear headphone designed with highly durable material to withstand excessive rough handling without giving-in. Although this headphone exists in the lower price range, it still gives other higher-priced Bluetooth headphones a run for their money in terms of ruggedness and durability.

Also, the well-padded ear cup gives the sound a full-bodied feel while the headband incorporates reinforced steel sliders to ensure that it fits well when worn over the head, with both matching each other in comfort and aesthetics.

The technology used to deliver the plush sound has  wide aperture diaphragms for the neodymium drivers, which allows for a robust sound, as well as, quality bass sounds with its low-frequency optimization. The sound produced with this technology combination is well balanced for both the low-end and high-end frequencies.

The intuitiveness designed into this Bluetooth headphone makes for convenient use as the controls are placed on the ear-cups for easy reach.  Though the Bluetooth technology has been around for a while now, and other Bluetooth headphones have adopted more recent Bluetooth technologies, the Mpow 059 still connects with other Bluetooth devices quite easily.

It also comes with the option to connect directly through the use of an added cable for versatility, while the battery can make sure you have a quality sound on the go for up to twenty hours. Pros

  • Very affordable

  • Balanced sound (both high-end and low-end frequencies)

  • Optimized bass

  • Padded cushion for comfort

  • Durable steel sliders


  • A bit bulky

  • Cheap plastic material

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