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AI Summit NYC 2023 RoundUp

The main reason you’re not getting the results you want from ChatGPT?

Human error.

This was one of my key takeaways from the AI Summit hosted at the Javitz Center in NYC’s bustling Hudson Yard. The past year has been undeniably taken over by conversations of ChatGPT, generative ai, large language models (llms) and beyond, so the timing was perfect for the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and business to come together and explore the past, present and future of the space.

I was curious to see what products the exhibitors were bringing to the table, given the new set of problems and solutions influenced by this wave of generative ai. With all of the benefits of gen ai for businesses and entrepreneurs, it also comes with its set of challenges like security concerns, insufficient outputs, and inaccurate information, known as hallucinations. The exhibitors were a fair mix of startups and enterprise solutions, offering interesting products like llm hallucination detection, intelligent document processing, and web3 integrated community platforms.

After exploring and getting a feel for this tech labyrinth of digital avatars and more, I sat in on a super informative and insightful talk by Jordan Wilson, host of the Everyday AI podcast. His talk was all about how to make ChatGPT sound more human, which is a topic I’m personally interested in as an everyday user of the platform. I’m always on a mission to make ChatGPT sound more like me (this article was NOT written by ChatGPT in case you were wondering - I like to keep it old school sometimes too ;) and less like a robot.

Jordan truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of how to properly train an llm like ChatGPT and it was far above and beyond what I’ve attempted to date. He explained that people who are frustrated with robotic sounding responses from GPT should stop blaming the tool and instead focus on learning how to prompt more effectively. 

Rather than just providing a vague set of instructions to GPT, it’s critical to provide context, feed the model more accurate information about yourself and goals, and regularly “test” the model by asking it to recite the information you had previously input. He referred to his methodology as the PPP Method - Prime, Prompt, Polish. In short, your results with ChatGPT will drastically improve if you take the time to learn the art and science of prompting and training your llm.

Another panel discussion I attended focused on which industries are getting disrupted by ai.

Spoiler alert: it’s all of them.

Between finance, healthcare, government, retail, fashion and beyond, this wave of generative ai is directly impacting businesses across the board, whether being integrated into the actual products and solutions, or leveraged operationally to cut costs and improve margins and efficiency.

The wise business leaders out there understand that the time is now - not tomorrow, not a year from now - to start learning these new tools and strategizing where they can plug them into their business. 

No matter what take they have on ai, the fact of the matter is that it’s changing the way we do our work and everyday activities, and businesses who don’t get onboard and incorporate an ai strategy asap will become antiquated.

It was pretty awesome to get away from all the noise on Linkedin and have some real time interactions and discussions on where this space is going and how people are utilizing this rapidly evolving technology. 

We even got a surprise visit from Elf, right in time for Christmas.

Was Will Ferrell actually in attendance at the ai summit, or was it a deep fake?

We may never know.

About the Author

Ben Yurcisin - ParlayMe Tech Reporter -

I am a serial entrepreneur with a background in engineering and a passion for creating community through fun and value-packed events. As the Co-Founder of the Generative Ventures Event series, which explores the latest business opportunities and monetary use cases for generative ai, Ben is a thought leader at the forefront of emerging technologies. In addition to his work with GV Events, Ben is also the Chief of Staff across a portfolio of Generative AI startups, providing project management, strategy, marketing and business development to ensure the successful launch and growth of these ventures. Find him on Linkedin


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