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DTS - Women In Tech & Startup Competition Coverage

Author: Enzo Zanchi

The Dublin Tech Summit took place on the 15th and 16th of June. Organised in the RDS centre located in the south side of the city, the two-day event gathered 8,000 people and more than 200 speakers.

For the fourth time, Dublin as one of the world’s main technological hubs ensured the organisation of its B2B event. Face-to-face interviews, workshops and talks set the pace for this international tech event. A variety of topics were discussed by founders, business leaders and employees of big tech companies in order to give an overview of the general state of tech in the world but also of its perspectives for the future.

During the event, tech professionals shared their experiences and precious advice with founders to enable them to thrive in the Tech world bv focusing on technical skills but also on human relations within a company. As “Rise up” CEO and founder Susan Dwyer outlined: “Being a true leader is taking care of your people and encouraging your people to step forward.” Through workshops, CEOs and founders were able to share their personal experiences on creating their companies by revealing their strategies to make their businesses grow. Entrepreneurs in the audience were also able to discuss these analyses during Q/A.

Discussion: Women in Tech

During the course of the 2-day Dublin Tech Summit, Tech professionals also shared their perspective on the evolution of Tech in the years to come, both in the technological and social aspects. In a panel discussion, Amplitude’s Head of Diversity Nikki Lasley, Rise Up CEO Susan Dwyer and Rent the Runway Managing Director Dorothy Creaven were able to discuss the important role that women play in Tech. In their conversation, the three speakers highlighted the importance of those who are passionate, but not only about technology.

“We want to attract people passionate by Tech but also society and change.”

They also discussed their commitment to change the lack of representation of women in this sector, in which everyone can find a place.

“Women always feel the need to be at 110% but need to realise that you are good enough to work in this field. This is what we are trying to change, to encourage women to try because we need more female leaders in Tech.”

Start-Up Competition

During the two-day event, several start-ups competed for the Vision X pitch competition. 21 Participants from different European countries pitched their start-up for a few minutes in front of the audience in order to convince the jury their project is worth pursuing, with 6 participants reaching the finals.

The 2022 edition was won by Giacomo Zenoni, Co-founder of Daze Technology, a start-up specialising in the invention of new charging systems for electric vehicles. After his victory, Zenoni agreed to answer our questions thinking about the future. “I’m really happy to win this prize in this beautiful place in Dublin.

We are now based in Italy and we are going to raise up 8 million euros to develop at a European scale but also grow our products and services. Today as the head of a company of 40 people, Giacomo also looked back on the first years of his journey and how far he and his associate have come.

“I’m a mechanical engineer and I always wanted to do something by myself or with my associate Andrea. When we started this company together, the first years were so difficult but now we are growing and we are super happy.”

About the Author

Enzo Zanchi has a Masters degree in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College Dublin


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