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Love Beyond Walls - Founder

Terence Lester is a community activist, minister, speaker, author, founder, and believer that everyone deserves equality, love, and a chance to change their life. He is happily married to his friend, Cecilia, and together they have two wonderful children, Zion Joy and Terence II.

Terence has 14+ years working within struggling communities, developing leaders, mobilizing volunteers, outreach, public speaking, and creating movements that spark change.

In 2013, Terence formally began the organization Love Beyond Walls which has since raised awareness for the social injustices of homelessness, poverty, education, and food insecurity, as well as serving those who are affected by these issues.

His digital campaigns have been viewed by over 5 million people globally. His greatest passions meet in connecting creativity to mission and moving people to love the unseen. Terence holds four degrees, speaks nationally, and has written several books.

Listen to our exclusive ParlayMe Podcast with Terence here:

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