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Ideation Camp is back to physical format!

Left to right: Pranjul Shah, Erica Monfardini, Emilja Zeneli, Lyazid Benyahya, Kristina Kudryavtseva, Colin McMurry, Siva Bactavatchalou

Ideation Camp is back to physical format!

The ninth edition of the Ideation Camp went back the physical format last week, getting all the entrepreneurial minds of the University of Luxembourg under one roof of the Technoport on Belval campus. Following two online editions (Ideation Camp 7 and Ideation Camp 8), participants finally had an opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams in presence while being supported by international industry leaders.

The opening ceremony on 23 November saw 7 teams formed through My Big Idea competition earlier this year. “This is the first in-presence Ideation Camp since February 2020,” - says Siva Bactavatchalou, Manager of the University of Luxembourg Entrepreneurship Programme and one of the co-creators of the Ideation Camp concept.

“Although both virtual Ideation Camps 7 and 8 were also great experiences in which we remarkably addressed the challenge of engagement, brainstorming, mentoring, and learning, an online edition cannot replace feelings of the in-presence event like this!”

The next three days and nights, teams were working on the market research and business plan for their commercial ideas, supported by one dedicated full-time mentor each aka Guardian Angels: business development expert and founder of Spoticle Brice Dondelinger, public speaking expert and founder of Verbalius Pedro Castilho, start-up bootcamp expert and serial entrepreneur Shai Haim.

“Ideation Camp is an exciting concept that allows students and young alumni to take the entrepreneurship track with a steroid boost, - says Shai, who also and participated in each of the nine editions. “This year the organizing team did a fantastic job at setting the scene for them and the teams were well structured and with high potential. Looking forward

to seeing how these teams become startups and change the way we do business.”

The closing ceremony on 27 November featured impressive pitches of business ideas in Space, FinTech and other industries. All the pitches received very good feedback from the Jury formed by experienced entrepreneurs and investors: Gerardo Marchesini from European Investment Fund, Independent Director/Board advisor Michael Pechner, Michel Rzonzef from Luxembourg Business Angel Network (LBAN), Vipin Agarwal from Global-Launch.Partners, and Yurii Primush form LBAN.

“The Ideation Camp is a great process to bring wildest ideas and ultimately develop them into real projects.” –

says Michel.

“This edition has delivered particularly amazing business proposals, with a real potential to become attractive ventures. Congratulations to all teams. Looking forward to the developments of these business proposals over next months.”

The winner of the Ideation Camp 9 is Veezzy team which found a solution to make Video Production easy for small businesses. Congratulations to Emilja Zeneli, Lyazid Benyahya, Kristina Kudryavtseva, Colin McMurry.

“Ideation Camp is a right place to be in if you want to join a community of doers, - says Kristina. “Over the three days, I learned a lot about developing a start-up idea but also about communication: convincing others about your project, communicating with the interdisciplinary team and networking with students and professional entrepreneurs. Big shout

out and thank you to all the organizers, presenters and mentors who created the Ideation Camp 9!”


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