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Invest in retail technology - Kitfit

Kitfit is evolving the way the world shops by personalising product discovery using the experience and expertise of the global community.

Where it Began

Kitfit was started by friends Andrew Jacobs and Joe Bramwell-Smith. Their background in technology, media and advertising and a mutual passion for active sports led them to want more from their online shopping experience.

“Why couldn’t we be sure that purchases we were making would work out? So often when we bought something it turned out to be unreliable, performed poorly or just didn’t meet our needs!” - Andrew Jacobs.

After regular surf sessions and bike rides, personal experiences of buying new kit and frustrations with it performing poorly they ran the numbers to see if anyone else was having the same problem.

We seen huge validation from the crowd with our campaign already over 280% funded with just 3 days to go. Total funds raised are now at $831K ($237K pre crowd + $420K crowd + $174K invested from the founding team) at a valuation of $4.5 million.

Our post-launch valuation target is a $20 Million Series A round planned for later this year, and we are currently head of all our launch targets by over 200%.

Consider an investment for yourself and those in your network.

You can invest from as little as $360. Offer closes Monday, March 16th.

For more information & to invest visit We’d love to have you onboard for the ride.

The Problem of Misfit

Globally, shoppers return between 20-40% of ALL online purchases.

70-90% of time spent shopping is on product discovery and research yet much of this time is wasted as we continually make poor choices as a result of limited filtering tools

Most people believe that returns are an unavoidable part of the online shopping experience. The truth is, returns are a symptom of "misfit", the misalignment of people and products.

The Kitfit Solution

Kitfit empowers shoppers with expert community knowledge. They take all the uncertainty & inaccuracy out of shopping.

Via their mobile web application, Kitfit simply identify proven products in use by people like you from all over the world and then match you with the products that fit you best.

Kitfit’s breakthrough technology delivers shopping experiences that are 50 times faster, 20 times more personalised with 10 times the fit accuracy of existing systems.

This is achieved by assessing the most valuable data signals using Kitfit’s unique 4 dimensional model of fit: your social graph, your interests, your product/category knowledge and your personal measurements & preferences.

Investor Edward Mandla testimony

"Kitfit is like the Spotify of product discovery; combining the power of the community with an experience that is personalised just for me."

Nick Jacobs Senior Strategy Director, M&C Saatchi Australia

"Exceptional team, breakthrough technology, global market from day one."

Chris Watt SVP, Global Corporate Strategy at Tigerspike, San Francisco Bay Area


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